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  1. Rethymnon Tour To Explore Shephard’s Hut & Cheese Making Process

    • ChaniaRethimno

    Rethymnon Jeep Safari Tour to Explore Shephard's Hut and Cheese Making Process. This is a Jeep Safari Tour which combines unique panoramic views, traditional Cretan villages in Rethimno region and a unique chance to find out all about the lifestyle of a Cretan shepherd by exploring an original shepherd‟s hut ‟Mitato‟.

  2. Ceramic Workshops In Pottery Village Margarites - Rethimno - Crete

    • Rethimno

    Ceramic Workshops In Pottery Village Margarites - Rethimno - Crete. this great Studio offers possibility to book mini workshops with programs: wheel throwing, hand building, pottery decoration for beginners and intermediate. Pottery is one of the oldest arts developed in Crete.

  3. Explore Crete Express - Best Of Crete In A 4 Days Tour

    • ChaniaHeraklionLasithiRethimno

    Best of Crete in 4 days tour for distinguished travelers who want the local expertise, the specialist guidance and the logistics of getting around taken care of, while they enjoy spending time with a small group, an express special sightseeing tour around Crete that covers the main sites and cultural landmarks of the island.

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