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Geoparks In Greece, Protect Our Resources

Tourism development means protecting natural resources by ensuring that local populations gain appreciation of and benefit from their geological heritage.

In the words of Global Geoparks Network President Nickolas Zouros, it is vital to raise awareness among local communities and administrations concerning the need to protect territories of particular geological interest and at the same time develop tourism products and services around them.

There are currently five geoparks in...

UNESCO Adds 5 Greek Regions to Global Geopark Network (Two In Crete)

The United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) has listed five regions in Greece, in its Global Geoparks networks program, presented recently.

Greece is now home to five of UNESCO’s global geoparks: the Petrified Forest on the island of Lesvos, the Vikos – Aoos National Park in Epirus, the Chelmos-Vouraikos National Park in the Peloponnese, the Psiloritis National Park on Crete, and the Sitia Nature Park on Crete.

The Global Geoparks initiative comes...