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About the airports in Crete
Domestic flights to Crete - The Airlines
Domestic scheduled flights: Heraklion & Chania flights ~ Sitia flights
About charter flights to Crete
Direct charter flights to Crete from the UK and Ireland (information and website links)
Direct flights to Crete from other countries
Direct flights to Crete from Cyprus
Flying to Crete via Athens from Europe, the USA or other countries

Airports in Crete

There are three airports in Crete: Heraklion airport (or "Kazantzakis" airport - code: HER) Chania airport (or "Daskalogiannis" - code: CHQ) and the small Sitia airport (code: JSH). All of them are international airports,

Heraklion airport access: There are regular buses between Heraklion airport and Eleftherias square (the centre); tickets should be bought before boarding and cost 1 euros to the centre. A taxi into the town takes 10-15 minutes and costs 12-14 euros.
[There is an official charge, included in the above estimates, when a taxi takes you to or from an airport or port. Luggage can be charged extra]. 

Parking: Has paid parking, just across the road, opposite the airport entrance.

Airport facilities: Cash/ATM machines for cash advances and withdrawals, exchange booth (See also money & currency in Crete) to Coffee and snacks are available, as well as a sit-down cafe/restaurant. "Duty-free" shop and giftshops.

Left luggage.Tel: 2810-397129, 397136 (info 24hrs).

Chania airport access: At Chania airport there are only a few, infrequent, buses - a taxi is the best option if you are not renting a car rental A taxi into the town takes 20 minutes and costs 14-16 euros.

Parking: There is paid (quite expensive) parking, running in front of the airport building. Long term (lower cost) parking is available a few hundred metres before the airport gates. The long term rental place offers pick up when you arrive service, taking you with their van to the parking lot.

Airport facilities: Cash/ATM machine for cash advances and withdrawal. Coffee and snacks are available. "Duty-free" shop and giftshops. Tel: 28210-63245, 83800.

Sitia airport access: by taxi or car. 5-10 minutes to town.

Parking: You can park at the airport without a fee. A free parking area is available with a lagre capacity.

Airport facilities: None. Tel: 28430-24424, 22671.

Domestic Flights to Crete - The Airlines

Within Greece all flights are a short hop, so you might think there would be little to choose between airlines. Purely on grounds of quality and service our favourite is Aegean Airlines (, which ranks in our experience, with the best of European airline companies.

Aegean have a code-sharing agreement with Lufthansa - connections with Lufthansa hubs and gateway airports bring some of Europe "closer" to Athens, Thessaloniki and all Greek airports served by Aegean. 
Olympic Air (formerly Olympic Airways -, the formerly national carrier, now fully privitazed.
Cyprus Airways - with new flights since 2012.
SkyExpress ( is a regional airline based in Heraklion Crete. It operates an 18-seat Jetstream 3102 jet aircraft, connecting Crete to other Greek islands, e.g. Rhodes, Santorini, Kos, Mykonos and Mytilini (Lesvos).

Baggage: Maximum allowance per passenger 12.5 kg (excess weight is charged at 3 euros/kg up to 26.5 kg - this has to be arranged with the carrier 24 hours before the flight). 

Scheduled Flights to and from Heraklion & Chania Crete

You could book your flights here

About charter flights to Crete

Charter flights are few in the winter, but there are many from end of March/April to the end of October. Charter flights to Chania, Heraklion and Sitia from most European countries operate in this peak period, summer sun attracts! The number of charter flights to Heraklion is greater than to Chania, but the last years a lot of low cost airlines which serve Chania as well

Sitia is opened to direct charter flights since 2012, which makes access to the east of Crete much easier. 

Charter & scheduled flights to/from the UK and Ireland (Eire)

To help you in your search of direct charter flights to Crete, we give you below a list of websites that offer these, with online booking. ~ Flights from anywhere to Crete, including scheduled, charter and low cost airlines. Easy to use, useful website. ~ Find flights to Crete, Greece and other destinations. ~ Offering only Monarch flights - but there are many! ~ Flights to most destinations from the UK. ~ Flights from anywhere to Crete, including scheduled, charter and low cost airlines. ~ Flights from the UK and from Ireland to Crete - good system and clear booking layout...wide variety of flights. ~ Again a good booking system and good flight selection. ~ Heraklion to Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, East Midlands, Glasgow, London Gatwick, London Luton, Manchester, Newcastle. Chania to London Gatwick, Manchester. ~ Budget airline flies direct from Leeds/Bradford airport to Heraklion. ~ Flights from Ireland (Cork, Dublin, Shannon) to Heraklion.

EasyJet flying directly from the UK to Crete. EasyJet is operating direct flights from the UK to Heraklion (March to October). There are 4-7 scheduled flights a week from London Gatwick to Heraklion and 2 flights a week (Tuesday, Friday) from Manchester to Heraklion.

New: Added routes in 2010: Chania-London Gatwick, Heraklion to Bristol, Berlin Schoenefeld, Rome Fiumicino, Milan Malpensa.

Operates normally from 30 March to 25 October. You can book these online on their website.

Charter flights are also available to Crete from most other European countries, France, Holland, Austria, Germany, Switzwerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Israel and elsewhere - in some cases these can be obtained from local travel agents and online via various websites in each country. We are compiling links to these websites - if you have good recommendations please let us know.

Flight to Crete from other Countries

Direct flights: (Most of these flights are available only in the summer, i.e. end of March/April to end of October)

Transavia ~ Flights from Netherlands (Amsterdam) to Heraklion.
Arkia ~ Sundor and Arkia flights from Israel to Heraklion. ~ El Al flights from Israel to Heraklion.
Air Berlin ~ Flights from Germany & Austria to Heraklion and Chania.
Condor ~ Flights from Germany to Heraklion and Chania.
German Wings ~ Flights from Germany (Cologne/Bonn) to Heraklion ("low-cost" airline).
EasyJet ~ Flights from Germany (Berlin) to Heraklion.
Aegean Airlines ~ scheduled flights Italy (Rome) and Germany (Düsseldorf, Munich) and more to Heraklion.
NeosAir ~ Flights from Italy (Rome, Milan, Verona, Bologna) to Heraklion and Chania.
Luxair ~ Flights from Luxembourg to Heraklion and Chania.
Sterling ~ Flights from Scandinavia (Sweden-Stockholm, Denmark-Copenhagen, Norway-Oslo) to Chania.
Scandinavian ~ Flights from Norway (Oslo) to Chania.
Norwegian Air Shuttle ~ Flights from Norway (Oslo) to Heraklion ("low-cost" airline).
Wizzair ~ Flights from Hungary (Budapest) and Poland (Katowice) to Heraklion ("low-cost" airline).
Belair ~ (site in German & French) Flights from Switzerland to Heraklion (Airlines: Belair, Edelweiss air, Swiss).
SmartWings ~ Flights from Czech Republic (Prague) to Heraklion and Chania ("low-cost" airline). ~ Flights from anywhere to Crete, including scheduled, charter and low cost airlines.

Direct flights to Crete from Cyprus

Cyprus Airways & Aegean Airlines ~ Flights from Larnaca (Cyprus) to Heraklion. 

Flying to Crete via Athens

All flights to and from Athens arrive and depart from the new "Eleftherios Venizelos" Athens airport at Spata, to the north-east of Athens. Read our information about the Athens Airport (access, transportation, taxis).

And the Athens airport website with useful information about airlines, real-time arrivals/departures, parking. Tel. 210- 3530000.

Travel to Crete via Athens to see the sights - see our Athens guide.

Athens - Flights to/from the UK

EasyJet: Bookable online, the further in advance, the cheaper it is. To/from London Luton, London Gatwick and Manchester.
British Airways and Olympic Air: Both have regular scheduled flights every day. &

Athens - Flights to/from Germany (low-cost airlines):

EasyJet ~ Berlin (Schoenefeld) to Athens
German Wings ~ Flights from Germany (Cologne/Bonn) to Athens (and Heraklion).

Athens - Flights from other cities in Europe

Aegean Airlines flies from Athens to the UK (London Gatwick), Germany (Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Hannover) & Italy (Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples, Genoa, Trieste, Turin, Catania, Lamezia, Bari) and Netherlands (Amsterdam), France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels), Portugal (Lisbon), Bulgaria (Sofia), Romania (Bucharest), Egypt (Cairo).

Check their schedule online & book tickets.

Virgin Express (or Brussels Airlines) flies Brussels to Athens
EasyJet flies Paris, Berlin, Milian & Rome to Athens
Centralwings ~ Flights from Poland (Krakow) to Athens. - Especially good for non-European residents*, offers FlightPass, allowing low-cost air travel within Europe. Now also offers flight queries and bookings worldwide.
* USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South America, Japan, South Africa, Israel residents.
See also for flights from anywhere to Crete.

Athens - Direct flights from the USA

Delta Airlines: Daily direct flights Atlanta (ATL) to Athens & New York (Newark - EWR) to Athens.
Continental Airlines: Flights New York (Newark - EWR) to Athens.
US Airways: Flights New York & Philadelphia to Athens.

Of course, Olympic Air also flies Athens to USA (New York) and Canada (Montreal).

Reservations by phone

Aegean Airlines: 801-11-20000, Athens 210-6261000, 210-9988300, Heraklion 2810-344324, 330475.
Olympic Air (Olympic Airways): 801 801 01 01, Athens 210 35 50 500, Heraklion airport 2810-337203.
Cyprus Airways: +357 (2) 663054 (Cyprus), 2810-342776, 342789 (reservations - Heraklion), 2810-223462 (airport-Heraklion).

Airline websites (URLs or internet addresses) 

Aegean Airlines  - timetables, online booking and e-tickets available
Olympic Air (formerly Olympic Air / Airways) - timetables, online booking and e-tickes available
Cyprus Airways  - timetables, online booking and e-tickets available
EasyJet - timetables, online booking (London to Athens, direct London to Heraklion and London to Chania)

Disclaimer: We try to keep these schedules up to date for your convenience, but you should always call the airline to check flight times.

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