Roger Ellman



In 1992 I visited Crete’s south coast area, Sfakia. It was the end of November and the beginning of winter.

As I rode a rented motorcycle over the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) wearing ski gloves, which for some odd reason I had packed, a thin shirt and jeans, I became more and more chilled to the bone as I progressed through every village on route. Even a Greek coffee and tot of Raki could not maintain the illusion of warmth against the mountain chill, and the wind rushing by.

The next day I was warmed and thawed gradually by mild sun and more speedily, by the warmth that radiates from the very rocks that make up the island and the human warmth of many welcoming Cretans.

I immediately vowed to return in the spring of the following year.

This set a pattern and I've returned every year since.

When Lina and I decided in 1999 that we both wanted to live in Crete and get to know its secrets and delights (Roger’s bubbling ambition since his ski-gloved motorcycle ride), we conceived

The plan has always been to create the most detailed, informative and easy-to-use destination website about anywhere in the world, but all about Crete. This having been achieved, we have added hotel reservation services and continue to expand what we offer you.

The journey continues, the adventure unfolds...


Lina Zaproudi-Ellman



Born and raised in Greece,  I feel strangely at home with English and Anglo-American culture…

Graduated as an electrical engineer, spent a fun, post-grad year in Poland and then enjoyed working in industrial automation for 3 years until I was pulled (by latent inclinations and Roger) into computers, the internet, travel, philosophy and the human condition. 

I spent 10 years (how time flies!) designing, writing for and managing our four travel websites. Had great fun learning-by-building our custom CRM system (FileMaker). Helped hire and develop employees.

Having indulged in one passion (travel) for 10 years, in September 2011 I started delving into another – movies!

I am now a Data Editor at IMDb, ensuring that the Database Content, from which our consumer, professional and mobile experiences are built, is complete and correct. I am involved with large, complex content workflows and I am innovating on them.

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