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  1. Fishing Yacht Cruise In Mirabello - Elounda Bay

    • Lasithi

    This is a 5 hour fishing cruise which has been specially designed for fishing enthusiasts and offers a unique perspective of Mirabello - Elounda bay. A fantastic activity not only for fishing lovers but also for those who like the sun and the sea.

  2. Afternoon Yacht Cruise to Kolokitha Island Enjoying The Sunset

    • Lasithi

    A 4 hour afternoon cruise to the Island of Kokokitha and sightseeing around the island of Spinalonga in order to enjoy watching the sun going down into the sea along with good friends and of course enjoying the cretan hospitality (with raki and cretan mezedes).

  3. Daily Yacht Cruise To Kolokitha Island & Spinalonga in Crete

    • Lasithi

    An amazing daily yacht cruise to enjoy the sun and the sea and of course explore every bit of the Kolokytha’s gulfs and Spinalonga Island. You will dive into the crystal clear water of Mirabello Bay, rest in the golden beach, visit Spinalonga Island and swim to the unique pebbled seashore of the picturesque village of Plaka.

  4. Sea Kayak Elounda-Spinalonga

    • Lasithi

    A daily sea kayak trip to explore the famed island of Spinalonga and the entire area of Elounda in a superb nature. Maybe the most popular daily trip of our trusted partner Enjoy-Crete.

  5. Luxury Tour of Crete

    • ChaniaHeraklionLasithi

    The ideal itinerary for the discerning visitor. Enjoy fine quality and the most magical of times at these unique, boutique hotels and see the wonders and variety of Crete.

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