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  1. The Secret Aromas Of Cretan Wines - Heraklion Crete

    • Heraklion

    The secret aromas of Cretan wines ... A fascinating tour guided by an Enologist ( wine specialist ) in the most famous wine region of Crete through Dionysus' "juices" (musts) in order to learn the secrets hidden in the grape and in the cultivation of the vine. We will eat (a nice, healthy picnic) in nature, we will visit unknown ancient open-air wine presses, we will taste a few of the best Cretan wines.

  2. Rhous-Tamiolakis Winery

    • Heraklion

    The Rhous Tamiolakis Estate is located in the village of Houdetsi, 25 km south of Heraklion. It belongs to the viticultural VQPRD zone of Peza, the largest of the three wine producing areas in the Prefecture of Heraklion.

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