Lovely Crete and Greece have risen from obscurity to become one of Europe's most beloved sport climbing destinations in the last years.

When it comes to rock climbing, Crete is unique. Thanks to the temperate climate, you can be actively involved year-round in the sport. More importantly, the rugged landscape of the land offers a variety of options (examples are limestone, caves, and marble), and so many curious geological formations to explore on all fours. If you add the great hospitality of the Cretans and the amazing local cuisine, then what better than a multi-day rock climbing tour in lovely Crete.

The 3 days climbing trip takes place in various climbing areas. Depending on your flight (you could check here for flights) the trip can be arranged either in the Chania region of Heraklion region. The last has the best climbing spots on the island and thus is better to fly there. 

Whether if it’s your first time climbing and you want to learn, or you have some experience and you want to progress, this is a suitable trip.

The climbing areas have comfortable routes for beginners and hard ones for those seeking challenges that will make them improve. Routes from 4a to 8b+ all in great limestone.

We will overnight either in tents or in small apartments (30-45€ per night if you prefer to overnight in small apartments). Tents & mattresses are included in the listed price along with the stove (Trangia set).
Depending on the group, food is possible in local tavernas or we will cook on the camping spot. Everything will sort it out with our guide on the first day of the trip.

We pick up clients from both Chania & Heraklion cities (where the two largest airports are located).
All you need is your flight and your climbing shoes!

When you book please mention your body type (height & weight) and what experience you got, if any, in rock climbing. If you don’t have shoes let us know also what size you are wearing in normal running shoes and will bring along some.

The dates are quite flexible and as long as we have at least two participants we can run the trip year-round. The mild winter makes ideal for rock climbing even those cold days of January, February.

The Rock Climbing Trip :
During the 3-day trip, you will be able to take advantage of your time and climb as much as possible. Overnight can be either on tents or small apartments depending on the group needs.

At least one of the climbing areas (assuming you will fly to Heraklion) is near the sea; that gives an ideal location for summer climbing as during midday you can relax & swim while getting the earliest morning and evening. Water is at 26oC until late September, October goes down to 22oC and November at 20oC to give you a rough idea. September to May are the best months to do rock climbing on Crete.

During the trip, you will receive all the necessary briefing and technical equipment.

360.00 Euros per person
Free camping and transport are included



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