Ancient Aptera in Chania Private Tour, a fascinating private tour to explore the archaeological site of ancient Aptera or Apteron, which was the most powerful city of western Crete during Minoan times,a kilometre inland from the southern shore of Souda Bay, about 15 km east of Chania in the municipality of Akrotiri.

Most of us know, or have heard of the so-called ‘Minoan civilization’, which developed on prehistoric Crete. But how many of us know what happened after on this island?

How did its inhabitants react to the fall of the Minoan palatial centers, who were the ‘newcomers’ and how did they mingle with the locals? In what ways did the society change in the following centuries? What was its new political organization, where did the money come from and to what gods did the people believe in?

The archaeological site of Aptera, at 15 km east of Chania, can offer the answers to the questions above and to many more.

The findings of the archaeological excavations that still coming to light, fill the history puzzle of this ancient city. They give details about the settlement's composition, the city's architecture, the religion and habits of Apterean residents who were keen archers. 

The exploration of its several, considerably varied, ruins, including a theatre, a fortification wall, a cemetery, water reservoirs, a fortress and a monastery, will built a fascinating narration that will introduce you to the Cretan history and will be interrupted only by the nature in bloom and the breathtaking views towards the high mountains and the sea.


Persons per group:



Tour duration:

approximately 2 hours


Tour starts at:

10:00 am


Meeting point:

Will be advised



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 If requested, transport from Chania center can be provided



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