The Beach of Seitan Limania - Chania Crete


Posted on: Jan 22, 2020 Posted by: CreteTravel.Com

The Beach of Seitan Limania - Chania Crete

The great and well known beach of Seitan Limania or Stefanou Beach is located in the northeast side of Chania, just 20 km from the city center.

The name is Turkish and the beach is named after the dangerousness of the tides of the area. The beach is also named as the Devilport.

The breathtaking scenery with the steep rocks, the wild beauty of nature, the sky calm blue waters and the pebble-sand make it just an amazing beach, maybe one of the best in Crete.

If you prefer to enjoy the Stefanou Beach ( its other name) less overcrowded, then it is highly recommended to visit it in the low season or very early in the morning.

The experienced canyoners attempt to descend through the Gorge of Diplochachalon. After 1 – 1,5 hour of rappelling, the rocky scenery with the smell of thyme in the air feels like heaven. The height of the biggest waterfall is 38 meters and only a few people are aware of the unknown cave in the middle of the gorge, which is about 20 meters long and very fine naturally decorated.

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