Milia Mountain Retreat awards and recognition


Posted on: May 10, 2021 Posted by: CreteTravel.Com

Milia Mountain Retreat awards and recognition

Dear Crete Travellers,

some good news ...

’s contest awarded Milia Mountain Retreat as the winner in the category of small enterprises dealing with ecotourism (2003),

 characterized its restaurant as ‘an elegant taverna in the medieval village’ (2004)

 recognized it as one of the top 26 ecolodges in the world (2013)

 placed it 12th in Europe’s top 50 secret spots that retain their special character (2014)

 included it in the top 15 off-grid places to stay in Europe (2019) and

 included it in the 30 best places to stay in Greece after the lockdown (2020).

Well done Milia Mountain Retreat so proud of you .... you deserve all of them and many more!

-  Μore superb places in West Crete!