Terra Minoika Villas & Views To Gorge of Dead


Posted on: Jan 24, 2020 Posted by: CreteTravel.Com

Terra Minoika Villas & Views To Gorge of Dead

Kalimera from our Terra Minoika Villas,

stunning views to The Gorge Of Dead.

You should be here!

A small but quite famous and probably the most frequently visited gorge in Eastern Crete. It was named “The Gorge of Dead or Valley of the dead”, because of the Minoan cave burials which were found in the gorge.

The lovely route begins south-east of the village of Zakros , passes through the gorge and ends up next to the Minoan palace at Kato Zakros. 

It can be passed through almost all year round. It is 2,5 kilometres long in total, and the elevation difference between the entrance and the outlet is approximately 100 metres. 

Explore superb Terra Minoika Villas, Kato Zakros, East Crete