AEGEAN, Greek Chefs Travel Greece’s Gastronomy Around the World


Posted on: Jan 24, 2020 Posted by: CreteTravel.Com

AEGEAN, Greek Chefs Travel Greece’s Gastronomy Around the World

Greek carrier AEGEAN has announced its collaboration with three renowned chefs, who will take Greek gastronomy on a journey across the globe through the new “Gastronomics” initiative.

“Gastronomics” is part of AEGEAN’s efforts to promote Greece’s tradition, natural beauty and culture, and features traditional recipes and unique wines in the Business Class menu, which is created by chefs Lefteris Lazarou, Christoforos Peskias and Stelios Parliaros, as well as the Master of WineKonstantinos Lazarakis.

“For the first time ever, AEGEAN brings together three popular representatives of modern Greek gastronomy, who will help create the new Business Class menu, giving passengers the opportunity to try dishes that carry the aromas and flavors of Greece. Embarking alongside them on this new gastronomic journey is Greece’s first ever Master of Wine, and AEGEAN’s wine consultant, Konstantinos Lazarakis,” the Greek carrier said in an announcement.

Flavors from CreteNaxos, the Peloponnese, and ingredients from all over Greece, are combined in the hands of the three top chefs, creating a menu of over 40 different dishes that highlight local products and wines from both small and large-scale producers, from every corner of the country, presenting the most authentic piece of Greece. These flavors will travel to every international destination on AEGEAN’s network.

Furthermore, by essentially investing in a high-quality menu, AEGEAN strengthens and adds more value to the travel experience it offers to passengers.