Good Wine & Superb Views - Youphoria Villas Crete

Sunny, bright days in Crete ...

... and what better than a good glass of wine and stunning views over Kissamos Port - Chania!

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Sunny Kalimera From Lovely Mochlos Village

Sunny, bright days in small, picturesque Mochlos or Mohlos Village in Eastern Crete.

Enjoy your day, life!


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Crete - Rich In History

Endowed by nature, rich in history, full of contradictions and yet welcoming to all ...

The word "island" can't even begin to describe the Cretan universe. 

The Crete you are looking for!

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May in Crete

If I could relive one month over and over again, it would be May.

At long last, the weather is warmer, the flowers are in bloom, and we can finally swap out our boots for sandals, heavy jacket for a light trench coat.

May in Crete is a wonderful time of year to visit the island.

The May weather in Crete is normally sunny with the weather getting warmer and warmer as the month goes by and the temperatures rising.

The flowers are beginning to blossom fully and you can see the...

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Mood Of The Day - Weekend

Mood of the day 

Weekend ... a great one!

Panoramic View Of Mirabelo Bay & Spinalonga

Summer is loading in our lovely Crete.

Panoramic View Of Mirabelo Bay & Spinalonga Island

Photo by L. Klontzas

Do You Come Here Often ?

Do you come here often?

You should!

Explore it: Villa Athermigo 

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Happy May Day From Sunny Bright Crete

Did you know?

1st of May is International Labour Day and in Crete, Greece it is called ‘Protomagia’ (literally meaning the first day of May).

It is an urban holiday when people traditionally go to the countryside for picnics, to fly kites and to gather wildflowers.

On this day you will see many parades and other festivities throughout the country. It is a national holiday which means that everything is closed, with the exception of cafes and food venues.

Happy May Day!...

Best Beaches of South Rethymno - Ligres Beach

We are glad to introduce you some of the best beaches of South Rethimno.

Today let's discover the beach of Ligres.

A superb sandy beach with clean, deep waters that accommodates every taste, 51km south of Rethymno and 7km south of the village Kerames, at the foot of the imposing mount of Siderotas. It is actually the north part of the beachfront called Akoumiani Gialia, starting from Mellissa cape to the south.

Ligres is one of the most beautiful beaches of south Rethimno, Crete, and...