Fresh Delicious Bread - Thalori Retreat

Photo of the day from out superb Thalori Retreat.

Fresh, healthy, delicious bread and one of the best breakfasts at Thalori Traditional Village.

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Book Online for the Best Rates & Services with Crete Car Rental

Kalimera from sunny, bright Crete.

We are in the middle of summer ... a great one!

Probably, most of you are already informed about our sister car rental website

We will be glad to offer you our superb, and quality services during your stay in Crete.

Please, note we offer 10% for all bookings in October 2019.

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Secret Beaches In Crete

We know the place ...

Please send us an email if you would like us to send you more details about this amazing beach in southern Chania.

We are here to help.

The Crete You Are Looking For :

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Mediterranean Diet in the News

Mediterranean Diet in the News : 

There have been plenty of new studies on the Mediterranean Diet the past few weeks:

Better Brain Function: A study published in the journal Neurology, showed that people who follow a Mediterranean Diet in their late 20's and 30's had better brain function 25 years later. In fact those who followed a Mediterranean Diet when they were young had a 46% less chance of having poor brain function.

May Lower Risk of Skin Cancer: A study published in the ...

DomicileChania - Venetian Residence - The Path to Heaven is not a Secret One

DomicileChania Venetian Residence is a historic, one-bedroom residence located in the “Palazzo del Rettore”, one of Chania’s oldest and most significant national monuments.

After an incredible restoration, this ultimate residence is now a mix of modern and traditional elements creating a harmonious space both relaxed and timeless – it truly feels like home. A home that offers its guests a unique experience.

Learn more : DomicileChania Venetian Residence...

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I am not Greek. I am xénos, a stranger.

One of our good guests and friends, during her last visit in Crete was inspired in varying parts by the landscapes and people of Milia Traditional Village, Samaria/Sfakia, and Chania Town.

She wrote the below poem partly inspired by the small paradise of Milia. She loved Milia and the inspiration of the place - the sounds and fragrances and the moonlight under a full moon - will never leave her.

Many thanks for sharing it with us, you are an amazing person, soul.

Enjoy it ... 

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Olive Oil - The Gold Of Mediterranean

Olive oil the gold of Mediterranean, symbol of peace, wisdom and victory.

The true genetic origin of the olive tree is not known.

However, some say the cultivation of the olive began around 5,000 BC on the Greek island of Crete. Some others support its origin began in Syria, Iran and Palestine area. All major civilizations in the Mediterranean, like the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans have spread the fruit to the Mediterranean shores of Africa, Southern Europe and westwards...

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The Wine Regions of Greece (Maps)

This in-depth guide identifies the most important wines of Greece and where they grow.

Use the map [ ]  to learn more about the modern wines of Greece.

Enjoy and next time in Crete don't forget to visit one of the great wineries.

Tailor Made Tours - Chania Crete Greece

Let us help you design your own unique private tour according to your preferences and needs in lovely Crete.

Explore more : Tailor made tours in Chania Crete

10% Special Offer - Youphoria Villas Chania Crete

Dear friends & guests,

I am glad to inform you for a special offer 10% at our superb Youphoria Villas.


Villa Harmony from 6 - 17 July 2019
Villa Anasa from 12 - 21 July 2019

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