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Amygdalia Villas & Green Motion Car Rental - Guest Review

We Love Our Guests:

Kalimera Giannis! It is quite cold and dull here in England and we miss Crete a lot! We have had to put the heating on already.

We had a wonderful stay in Crete. The Amygdalia Villas were amazing and they up graded our room for some reason which was fantastic. We even had our own pool!!

Through our booking with them we were contacted by you to book a possible car hire. The whole booking, collecting and return of our car was so stress free. We still can’t quite believe it! The car was perfect for our needs and we were able to explore more of your lovely country. All the staff in Green Motion were lovely and very helpful. We would certainly use your company again.

We are planning to come to Heraklion next time and so may even see you there! Thank you again for all your help, your lovely emails and for looking after us so well.

With very best wishes and big thank you, Vail 

Book your flights, rent your car and ... wishing you a splendid holiday in unique, lovely Crete.

Happy Travels,

Your Team


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