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Chania the Ultimate Food Lovers Paradise

Set out on an exhilarating journey of gastronomic imagination to Chania or Hania one of the most desired Cretan destinations!

More and more people asking us for a place at this small picturesque town where they can eat authentic Cretan food.

We are very glad to suggest you an award winning tavern with the the oven heated by wood, hand-kneaded bread and authentic Cretan dishes based on traditional recipes and superb raw materials' quality.

This is an excellent place if you would like to sample well cooked Cretan food and drink. Starters are great and main dishes are really excellent. Go early before the good ones are gone. 

Don't miss to enjoy the Sfakiani pita or Sfakia pie, the sweet pumpkin, potato and mizithra cheese patty or the goat cooked in butterfat. Enjoy steamed Stamnagathi, which is a wild green and served with olive oil and lemon. Fresh, healthy and delicious. Or maybe the wild goat tsigariasto with staka cheese, served with hot chips. The goat is really tender and flavour. And at the end complimentary Loukoumades with Cretan honey, i.e. Greek donuts.

Where ? ... at Chrisostomos of course.


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