Daily Sailing Cruise On The Top Coasts of South Chania Crete

Kalimera dear guests,

I wish you are fine and enjoy a glorious weekend.

Life is beautiful ... smile, breath, go slowly!

So glad to inform you that we are glad to offer you the one and only (so don't look for any other options) sailing trip in south Chania, Crete.

This is the best and only one sailing trip in south Chania, Crete to visit some of the most spectacular beaches: Sfakia, Glika Nera, Agios Pavlos, Samaria Gorge, Marmara and Loutro.

An amazing daily sailing cruise that covers about 20 miles and lasts 7 hours enjoying the turquoise, crystal clear waters a few of the most stunning beaches of southern Chania, one of the most protected areas in lovely Crete, very close to the famous Samaria gorge.

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