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DomicileChania - Venetian Residence - The Path to Heaven is not a Secret One

DomicileChania Venetian Residence is a historic, one-bedroom residence located in the “Palazzo del Rettore”, one of Chania’s oldest and most significant national monuments.

After an incredible restoration, this ultimate residence is now a mix of modern and traditional elements creating a harmonious space both relaxed and timeless – it truly feels like home. A home that offers its guests a unique experience.

Learn more : DomicileChania Venetian Residence...

Mama Nena Charming Hotel - Stunning Beautiful Tasteful

Our hote of the day is Mama Nena Charming Hotel located in the heart of Old Venetian Harbour of Chania.

Stunning, beautiful, tasteful, an individualistic boutique hotel with great views and location.

Explore it : Mama Nena Charming Hotel 

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Hotel Of Day : Thalassa Beach Resort In Chania Crete

Our hotel of the day is a small, modern, smart hotel with a wonderful position on the beach and wonderful tastefully decorated rooms, a very elegant and design environment.

Thalassa Beach Resort is situated in charming Agia Marina, nearby (9km) picturesque town of Chania, a quiet, clean, classy, compact, modern, charming, friendly, family run, designed just for adults, small boutique hotel.

Great stylish pool area and indoors pool, nice sandy beach, wonderful spa, delicious breakfast...

Monastery Estate Venetian Harbor - Chania Crete

We love it and we are quite sure you will love it as well.

Monastery Estate Venetian Harbor is our new member of our "small, beautiful family".

A small boutique hotel with 11 suites, a wonderful small restaurant, a unique spa, an original Turkish Hamam, an indoor swimming pool enclaved to ceiling height venetian arches... a truly exceptional and tasteful hotel with a rare calm quality - and yet be in the heart of the special town of Chania.

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Touch The Dream & Experience The Magic - Fatma Hanoum Boutique Hotel

Fatma Hanoum Boutique Hotel is an old mansion that harmoniously combines the Venetian and Ottoman architecture located in a narrow alley in the heart of Old Harbour of Chania in Crete.

Beautiful building, excellent designed, friendly and very warm hospitality, a journey into the past!

This fine mansion with tasteful, warm décor, was once owned by the family of a Turkish army officer and was named after his beautiful daughter.

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