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Chania Town - History of Venetian Lighthouse

Indeed, the most recognizable part of small, picrturesque town of Chania is the lighthouse.

But what is the story behind this unique architectural monument?

The story of the lighthouse starts a long ago, although its present form dates back since the Egyptian Occupation of Crete (in the early 19th century).

The original Venetian lighthouse was built from Venetians around the late 16th century to protect the harbour from the Turks. A chain could be connected from the base of the...

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Spring Is Here & Chania Town Is Gorgeous

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” 
― Pablo Neruda

Indeed, Spring is here and the picturesque town of Chania looks wonderful.

Crete is an ideal destination to visit in the spring, especially for nature lovers .... cooler temperatures, fewer tourists, lower rates for hotels and airfare, better services and will be surrounded mostly by locals.
With cooler temperatures compared to summer, you’ll find that longer hikes and sightseeing outings are quite...

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Photo of the Day : Chania’s Old Venetian Port - Crete

Our photo of the day is from Chania's Old Venetian Port.

As you can see, the sun still shines but for sure quieter days are going to replace the crowded ones during the Summer time.

We love Crete and the beauty is everywhere, anytime of the year.

Our Chania's guide.

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Mama Nena Charmiing Hotel Chania Town - Crete

... a fine balance between the old and the new to provide maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal!

Mama Nena Charming Hotel in Chania, Crete, Greece

Book your flights, rent your car and ... wishing you a splendid holiday in unique, lovely Crete.

Happy Travels,

Your Team

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The Greatest Video “Chania: A Journey Through the Countryside” Wins Awards

There are many ways to advertise the beauty and culture of Greece.

We just need a bit of patience and imagination!

Proof of that is the video “Chania: A Journey through the Countryside” that recently won three awards at the Portugal Art & Tur Festival.

The tourism promotion campaign for Chania was signed by local filmmaker Thodoris Papadoulakis, known for his meticulous work on the small and big screen which seems inspired by the beloved classic film Zorba the Greek (Alexis Zorbas)...