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Explore Crete With All Your Senses In Rethimno Crete

Our very recent activity in Rethimno region 

Explore Crete With All Your Senses, a Jeep Safari Tour which combines unique panoramic views, off-road routes, traditional Cretan villages in Rethimno region and enjoy a Cretan cooking lesson and produce live cheese in an original shepherd’s hut ‘’Mitato’’. Learn about the history, the traditions and the diversity of the island, combined with a cooking lesson and delicious gourmet Cretan cuisine.

A complete dining experience...

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Photo of Day : Winter in Crete

Crete in Winter ...

"Out of season" and "off-season" the right time to enjoy Crete's more peaceful nature. A good time to pursue interests, studies, hobbies and hikes.
By winter, we mean November until late March.

Winter months offer the chance to explore the uncrowded vision of Crete.

Explore more about Crete in Winter!

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Hand-Picked Selection Of Authentic & Unique Tours & Activities

Make the most of your visit to Crete with our hand-picked selection of authentic and unique tours and activities.

Explore the great Minoan civilization, visit archeological sites, enjoy and taste the incredible flavours of the Cretan cuisine, discover the unique Cretan nature, hike through wild mountains and escape to secluded sandy beaches with azzure waters.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Explore all our favorite activities, here!

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Food, History, Pots and People & Minoan In Lovely Crete

Food, History, Pots and People
How Minoan Tastes has become more than just a history project…

Interview by Politismos Museum of Greek History, featured in the January 2017 issue of Politismos e-Magazine

In 2016, Politismos Museum featured three exhibits (with still one series to come in 2017!). Minoan Tastes, founded by Jerolyn E. Morrison, curated the exhibits and is a social enterprise that promotes the culinary history of ancient Crete by working with a network of food experts,...