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Your 10 Top Rated Hotels of 2019 in Crete

As the sun sets in 2019, we look back at the hotels, which got the best reviews, feedback from you ... our valuable guest.

These are the places that really amazed you, from the warm welcome, gracious hospitality, to fond farewell.

Which you scored 10/10 across the board: for great service, lovely rooms, delicious and healthy cuisine, location, activities to do around, just as importantly, the value for money.

So the winners are : 

1. Villa Kerasia Inn

2. Terra Minoika Villas

3. St....

Genuine Luxurious Friendly… Welcoming!

Genuine, Luxurious, Friendly… Welcoming!

Galaxy Hotel is centrally located in the posh part of Heraklion, Crete's capital city, showcases elegant design, upscale comfort, contemporary conveniences, high standard of services, gracious professionalism and healthful amenities to cosset discerning guests and business travellers alike.

Explore it : Galaxy Hotel 

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The Theodore Boutique Hotel Chania - Easy Living Next To Beach

The Theodore Boutique Hotel, easy-living, warm hospitality, personal care meets superb seafront location at this mini-resort, at Agia Marina Village only 8 km from the Venetian harbour of Chania, Crete’s most beautiful town.

The decor is so stylish & the rooms so spacious & comfortable, particularly the huge beds.

Explore more : The Theodore Boutique Hotel 

Things To Do In Crete

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and absolutely you’ll find plenty of things to do.

Crete’s broad appeal makes it ideal for any holiday type – whether you’re seeking family fun, incredible outdoor pursuits or a flavour of authentic Greece.

There’s no doubt that it’s the Mediterranean climate, glorious coastline and idyllic blue waters that attract people – making Crete ideal for beach holidays.

But beyond all above, in Crete you will discover a great deal of hidden gems that...

Welcome to our Small Family the Kapsaliana Village in Rethimno

Kapsaliana Village Hotel, a unique holiday experience in a village which has been fully restored in full harmony with nature and with high respect to the history and architecture of Crete.

Nestled in peaceful surroundings of the historical area of the famous Arkadiou Monastery in Rethimno region with wonderful views of Cretan countryside and Cretan sea, Kapsaliana Village is a beautifully restored historical hamlet with an old olive press, transformed into a luxurious, stylish and...

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Offer of Day : Kionia Apartments in South Rethimno - Crete

 ... a small, white & blue building facing the sea, sitting in glorious solitude on the beach, Kionia Apartments.

Send us your request and use the code #KioniaApts in order to receive a 5% Special Offer!

The Clock Is Ticking: Special Offer Ends on December 5th!

We are happy that you visit and read our blog, therefore we are glad to offer you this great offer for this unique place.

Your team

Welcome To Our Small Family Arcus Suites - Argiroupoli - Rethimno

We're constantly scouring lovely Crete for exciting new places, small hotels… Crete still has so much to reveal.

Arcus Suites, is one of those places.

Arcus Suites, a small complex of old Venetian stone mansions, a preservable archaeological monument, charming, hospitable, and ... 

Explore it!

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The White Houses Of Crete - Great Location, Stunning Sea Views

Three stylish cottages and two apartments (sleeping 2-9) converted from fishermen’s houses, right on the harbour of this sleepy small village of Makrigialos in eastern lovely Crete.

Maybe this is your dream.

During a sunny summer morning you wake up, open your shutters to views of the sparkling sea and small fishermen's boats bobbing in the water. Time to live your dream ...

More : The White Houses of Crete in Makrigialos Village

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New Year New Favourite Hotels In Lovely Crete

New year, new favourite hotels. If your new year’s travel resolution is to hit some new hot spots, why not start with these?

1. The White Houses of Crete : Three stylish cottages and two apartments (sleeping 2-9) converted from fishermen’s houses, right on the harbour of this sleepy small village of Makrigialos in eastern lovely Crete.

2. Villa Maroulas : A wonderful location, magnificent sea views, peace and tranquility for all.

3. Villa Athermigo : an ancient monument, a...