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Winter Colors in Milia Ecotourism Traditional Hotel

Winter colors in Milia Ecotourism Traditional Hotel.

Lost in nature ... life is beautiful.

Learn more about this amazing place : Milia Eco Hotel 

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Milia Mountain Retreat, Endless Hiking Paths, Wooded Hillsides

We know a very special place, located up in the mountains of western Crete in the Chania region, has endless hiking paths, wooded hillsides, and is far away from it all.

Explore more : Milia Mountain Retreat

Milia Is Truly Magnificent

Milia is truly magnificent.

Tens of thousands of hours have gone into this so far. I spent the day walking around, decoding the landscape and it is a wonder.

All the trees! They look like they just happened, but hundreds and hundreds of them were deliberate and are being actively loved. And the grafting...someone has a deal of skill.

Truly a wonderful place. In a few more years, this will be a true paradise with trees groaning under their fruit.

Already the bees create the base...

Milia Traditional Village, Chania, Crete

... simplicity, harmony, clean air, warm hospitality, relaxed atmosphere, home-cooking!

Milia Traditional Village & Retreat

Book your flights, rent your car and ... wishing you a splendid holiday in unique, lovely Crete.

Happy Travels,

Your Team

Guest Review About Milia Traditional Village & Mountain Retreat

"... everything was beautiful, we had the most perfect time in Crete, and hope to visit there (Milia Traditional Village ) again very soon.
It was well beyond our expectations.
I hope all is well with you, and thank you for all of your help once again."

Best regards, Grace

We Love Our Guests!

Your team

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‎Milia‬ ‪Mountain‬ ‪‎Retreat‬ Up In The Mountains In Western ‪‎Crete‬, Chania Region

‎Milia‬ ‪Mountain‬ ‪‎Retreat‬, up in the mountains in western ‪‎Crete‬, Chania region, with endless hiking paths, wooded hillsides and away from it all.

The alternative, ecologically sound collection of stone buildings with matching taverna and natural foods - somehow just staying here should prove meaningful ... a return to the old good days.

Explore this amazing place ... 

Book your flights, rent your car and ... wishing you a splendid holiday in unique, lovely Crete.


Milia Traditional Village - Another Philosophy

The philosophy of “back to basics” has found true meaning at ‪Milia‬ ‪‎Traditional‬ ‪Village‬!

Ready to ‪‎Book ?

Book your flights, rent your car and ... wishing you a splendid holiday in unique, lovely Crete.

Happy Travels,

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Some Valuable Advice Regarding Your Stay In Milia Mountain Retreat

Some valuable advice regarding your stay in our Milia Mountain Retreat

1. Bring comfortable clothing especially shoes. It’s a rocky environment with steep inclines, so if you wish to do any climbing, hiking boots are recommended.

2. Have a flashlight with you.

3. Leave your hair dryer at home. There are no plugs in the rooms! Electricity is provided in rooms only under circumstances relating to health. To recharge batteries or mobile phones, you can do so in the restaurant...

Hotel Of The Week, Our Milia Traditional Village in West Crete

My sunny Kalimera dear guests,

wish you are fine and enjoy a splendid weekend.

We are glad to present you our hotel of the week.

If you’re searching for an authentic cultural experience away from the tourist trails, look no further than our Milia Traditional Village in the remote hills of west Crete. 

Here the local life is on your doorstep and very much a part of your stay. 

Don't miss to have a look at our new activities at Milia, as a Cooking Workshop or a Journey to the...