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White Days In The Mountains Of Crete

Lovely, sunny and ... white! 

Snowy Psiloritis Mountains or Dikti Mountains in Crete.

"Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy, Healthy, Festive Season and continued success in the New Year!

Happy Holidays!

The Superb Travel Team

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The Βarefoot Μarathon Runner in the Snow at Psiloritis Mountain

The barefoot marathon runner in the snow at Psiloritis mountain ��❄️☃️

Watch this amazing video here : Barefoot Marathon Runner Psiloritis Mountain

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Winter In Crete - Snowy Psiloritis Mount

Winter is already here and the highest mountains of Crete are already covered of snow.

I see a polar elephant, a bit surrealistic, like those of Salvador Dali.
Lovely artwork!

Hopefully you see exactly the same!

You could learn more about Crete in Winter

Photo is made on highest peak of Crete, Timios Stavros, at 2,456m a.s.l. on Mt Psiloritis.

From December to early April usually the summit is cover with snow.

Photo : by Pierra Creta

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The Tranquil Lasithi Plateau In Spring

Photo of Lassithi Plateau earlier today ...

This is an amazing place with many different and interesting sights, surrounded by the wild mountains of Dikti and several smaller plateaus.

The views of the surrounding mountains of Selena and Afendis Hristos are just spectacular.

The 18 small and picturesque villages of the plateau are built at the foot of the surrounding mountains, leaving the plains free to cultivate, and they are connected by a 23km long circular road, which is ideal...

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Photo of Day : Crete You Have Amazing Mountains

Photo of the day from Lasithi Plateau with Dikti Mountains.

Crete you have amazing mountains!

Learn more about our activities in Eastern Crete here.

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Photo Of The Day : Aradenas Gorge

Our photo of the day is from the gorge of Aradena, which is located in the region of Sfakia.

It runs from the southern slopes of the White Mountains and forms a deep cut to the small beach of Marmara (a little to the West of Loutro).

Autumn in Crete

Visiting Crete in autumn can turn into a special holiday experience!

The sea remains the dominant element, yet you will find equally fascinating the mountains and fertile plains on the island. This is the ideal time of year to explore the wonders of Cretan nature, hike on White Mountains, cross breathtaking ravines and visit its caves. Fall invites us to leave the beach and head towards the inland; visit picturesque traditional villages, beautiful vineyards next to olive groves, feel...

Hotel Of The Week, Our Milia Traditional Village in West Crete

My sunny Kalimera dear guests,

wish you are fine and enjoy a splendid weekend.

We are glad to present you our hotel of the week.

If you’re searching for an authentic cultural experience away from the tourist trails, look no further than our Milia Traditional Village in the remote hills of west Crete. 

Here the local life is on your doorstep and very much a part of your stay. 

Don't miss to have a look at our new activities at Milia, as a Cooking Workshop or a Journey to the...

Experiencing the Beauty of Omalos Plateau, Chania, Crete

Many tourists who find the hike down the magnificent Gorge of Samaria too challenging may want to consider staying at a lodge in Omalos, the starting point for entering the gorge.  

Your hosts will offer traditional, Cretan hospitality, plus the experience of being in one of the most dramatically beautiful natural settings on Crete.  

Two lodges that come highly recommended by hikers are the Kallergi Lodge, about two hours on foot from the gorge, and Neo Omalos, closer to the gorge’s...

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Pierra Creta The First Ski Mountaineering Race In The Mountains of Crete

Something good is organising in the mountains of Crete this Spring.

Pierra Creta is the first ski mountaineering race to be held in the mountains of Crete.

It is set on March 16 in the mountain of Psiloritis, at the Lakos Mygerou plateau above Livadia village. It aspires to win its participants, not only with its white landscape, but also with the playfulness and hospitality of the local people.

Organisation team try to maintain participation costs for the race, as low as possible by...