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Olive Oil - The Gold Of Mediterranean

Olive oil the gold of Mediterranean, symbol of peace, wisdom and victory.

The true genetic origin of the olive tree is not known.

However, some say the cultivation of the olive began around 5,000 BC on the Greek island of Crete. Some others support its origin began in Syria, Iran and Palestine area. All major civilizations in the Mediterranean, like the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans have spread the fruit to the Mediterranean shores of Africa, Southern Europe and westwards...

Heraklion Crete Activities - Tasting The Food, Wine & Olive Oil Of Crete

Best gastronomy experience in Heraklion, Crete, about Cretan food, local products, Cretan diet and Cretan cuisine based on the food traditions and histories of the people of Crete.

Don't miss this culinary dialogue, which is going to awake all of your senses through a gastronomy journey around Cretan cuisine, olive oil, and Cretan wine.

Explore more : Tasting The Food, Wine & Olive Oil Of Crete

Olive Oil Tasting Tours at Pallada Mill at Akrotiri Chania Crete

Maybe it is time to learn more about the precious essential Cretan Olive Oil?

Experience how Pallada Mill produces one of the best cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils in Crete. Pallada is a small family-run business, founded in 1980 in Chania, Crete specialises of production, packaging and marketing of extra virgin olive oil.

You can choose between two superb tours.

Learn more : Olive Oil Tasting Tours at Pallada Mill

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Photo Of The Day : Cretan Honey & Olive Oil Flagships Of Cretan Agro Products

Honey along with olive oil are probably the flagships of Cretan agro products!

Don't miss to taste and buy both of them during your next stay in superb Crete.

Our activties relating with honey and olive oil below :

- Pay a visit to Koronekes Olive Mill nearby Knossos Minoan Palace and Heraklion Town

- Artisan Olive Oil Soap Workshop in Chania Region

A Local Apiary & Bee-garden Visit

Beekeeping and Honey Making - Discover The Mystic World Of Honeybees

We are here to help you!

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Use Olive Oil For Frying

More good news about olive oil, as the most of you already know Crete has one of the best olive oils in the world.

It is generally recommended that fried food is avoided or consumed sparingly. However, vegetable-based dishes fried in olive oil were common in traditional Mediterranean diets without, it appears, the negative health effects we associate with fried foods.

The reason for this may be that the foods are fried in olive oil, and not in unhealthy seed oils.

A British study...