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The Hadrianic Temple of Diktynna in West Crete

On the eastern tip of the Rodopou Peninsula in West Crete are the scanty remains of a temple dedicated to the Cretan goddess Diktynna (Diktynnaion).

Diktynna was the virgin goddess of hunting and she was worshipped fervently in western Crete as the patroness of hunters and fishermen.

Diktynna’s name may be connected with Mount Dikte but the Greek historian Strabo tells us that it derives from the word diktyon, meaning ‘net’ (Strab. 10.4.12). Legend has it that when the lustful king...

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Photo of Day : Crete You Have Amazing Sunsets

Wishing you a glorious weekend ahead!

... amazing sunset at Elafonisi Beach!

Wish you were here!

The Crete You Are Looking For :

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Dramatic Sunset At Our Plakures Hotel - Falasarna Beach

Enjoy today's dramatic sunset over Falasarna Beach from our Plakures Hotel in Western Crete!

No comment ... but maybe this is a "personal" invitation to you, our next valuable guest.

We are here to help you.

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West Crete - Crete’s Authentic, Unique Beauty

Travelling to Western Crete is a great travel experience across mountains and some of the best beaches in Greece, hiking paths, outdoor activities, gorges, farms, wineries and monasteries that will create once in a lifetime memories of lovely, authentic Crete.

Crete provides a mosaic of history, mythology, unique culture and customs, spirited people, time honored traditions.

Some best highlights

- Visit some great wineries.
- Explore Samaria Gorge, the longest in Europe.
- Stay...

Hotel Of The Week, Our Milia Traditional Village in West Crete

My sunny Kalimera dear guests,

wish you are fine and enjoy a splendid weekend.

We are glad to present you our hotel of the week.

If you’re searching for an authentic cultural experience away from the tourist trails, look no further than our Milia Traditional Village in the remote hills of west Crete. 

Here the local life is on your doorstep and very much a part of your stay. 

Don't miss to have a look at our new activities at Milia, as a Cooking Workshop or a Journey to the...

A Great Escape for October ... New Member on

We are very glad to present you our new find ....

Amygdalia villas are located in the western point of Crete which is still unspoilt. Ideal for those seeking tranquility in a luxurious environment with excellent service and magnificent views in a private villa with pool.

A wonderful accommodation and very nice owners. Do you need anymore for a splendid holiday?

Stunning sea views, tranquility, an unspoilt area, excellent service, superb location nearby Elafonisi Beach, Kedrodasos...