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Photo Of The Day : Aradenas Gorge

Our photo of the day is from the gorge of Aradena, which is located in the region of Sfakia.

It runs from the southern slopes of the White Mountains and forms a deep cut to the small beach of Marmara (a little to the West of Loutro).

Autumn in Crete

Visiting Crete in autumn can turn into a special holiday experience!

The sea remains the dominant element, yet you will find equally fascinating the mountains and fertile plains on the island. This is the ideal time of year to explore the wonders of Cretan nature, hike on White Mountains, cross breathtaking ravines and visit its caves. Fall invites us to leave the beach and head towards the inland; visit picturesque traditional villages, beautiful vineyards next to olive groves, feel...

Experiencing the Beauty of Omalos Plateau, Chania, Crete

Many tourists who find the hike down the magnificent Gorge of Samaria too challenging may want to consider staying at a lodge in Omalos, the starting point for entering the gorge.  

Your hosts will offer traditional, Cretan hospitality, plus the experience of being in one of the most dramatically beautiful natural settings on Crete.  

Two lodges that come highly recommended by hikers are the Kallergi Lodge, about two hours on foot from the gorge, and Neo Omalos, closer to the gorge’s...