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Good News From Our Porto Loutro At Magical Loutro Village - Sfakia

We are more than glad to receive these good news from our good partners - friends by Porto Loutro Hotel, Alison and Sofia.

Hotel Porto Loutro I will be opened this year (2015) from 01 April - 31 October 2015.

Hotel Porto Loutro II will be opened from 02 May - 31 December 2015. Yes, thii is correct open for 1,5 months longer this year (2015) for guests that will like to see and experience Loutro from a different angle.... Providing breakfast, lunch and dinner, sweets, soft drinks,...

A Great Escape for October ... New Member on

We are very glad to present you our new find ....

Amygdalia villas are located in the western point of Crete which is still unspoilt. Ideal for those seeking tranquility in a luxurious environment with excellent service and magnificent views in a private villa with pool.

A wonderful accommodation and very nice owners. Do you need anymore for a splendid holiday?

Stunning sea views, tranquility, an unspoilt area, excellent service, superb location nearby Elafonisi Beach, Kedrodasos...