Why You Should Travel By Ferry To Greek Islands Instead Of Plane

Why You Should Travel By Ferry To Greek Islands Instead Of Plane

Why You Should Travel By Ferry To Greek Islands Instead Of Plane

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And many of them are asking whether it is preferable to travel by ferry to the Greek islands instead of taking the plane.

Obviously, there are many important reasons. Here are a few of them.

The ferry goes to all the Greek islands. The most convenient thing about the Greek ferries is that they go to almost all the Greek islands. indeed, there are a lot of islands which do not have an airport or whose airport works few times per week. But ferries give a convenient alternative to going there. In fact, they give the only alternative! Most ferries to Aegean islands depart from the ports of Athens (Piraeus, Rafina or Lavrion), while ferries to the Ionian islands depart from a mainland port in Western Greece, usually Killini or Igoumenitsa.

Ferry tickets are much cheaper than a plane for sure.

You have more space in a ferry than a narrow plane seat. On the ferry you can do everything: walk at the deck, enjoy your meal or coffee, read your book with the open sea around you, use your laptop or tablet. If you have booked a cabin, you can even sleep or take a shower.

If you want to hop from one Greek island to another, then ferry is the most convenient and best option. In fact, there are not many inter-island air connections in Greece, so the ferry seems to be the first (and most times the only) option to travel from one island to the other.

Most people have never traveled before by ferry. So take our advice: if you have not traveled by ferry before, just do it! This is a must thing to do in Greece. Feel the fresh air against your face, see the large sea around you, read your book on the deck, feel the warm sun rays… It will be one of the strongest experiences of your Greek holidays!


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