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  1. Kato Zakros

    • Lasithi

    Kato Zakros Village, small and personal, simply awesome, quiet and well - it is somewhere you feel a sense of ownership about the moment you arrive. At the end of a dazzling, exciting winding road, descending from the plain around Zakros itself.

  2. Keratokambos

    • Heraklion

    Keratokambos is a tiny resort or maybe better fishing village and the tranquility is its chief asset in southern of Heraklion, Crete. If you like peace and quiet and have a few books to read this is your kind of place.

  3. Xerokambos

    • Lasithi

    Xerokambos, if you prefer isolation from the rest of the world, and a multitude of tiny coves lined with gold sand along the cool waters of the Mediterannean then you are at the right place.

  4. Sitia

    • Lasithi

    Sitia is very much a living town, which happens to have tourism, rather than the other way around. Sitia has the most cheerful and friendly Cretans you could hope to meet, people who love their town and keep it clean and tidy.

  5. Rethymno

    • Rethimno

    Rethymno combines rarely united features: the old town’s charm and history, with proximity to a long sandy beach. Although it is the third largest town in Crete, Rethimnon never feels like a city as Chania and Heraklion do. Explore one of the best preserved medieval cities in Greece, and search for your fairy-tale romance in Rethymno.

  6. Agios Nikolaos

    • Lasithi

    Different to all other towns in Crete, Agios Nikolaos manages to mix - upon the three hills which support its girth - an arty, leisurely, sleepy and yet also bustling place. Built partly atop ancient remains of bygone residents’ homes.

  7. Heraklion

    • Heraklion

    Heraklion is Crete’s biggest city (among Chania, Rethimno, Agios Nikolaos, Sitia, Ierapetra), whose emblem is the Venetian fortress of Koules and it harmoniously combines a multilingual past as Byzantine churches standing next to the Venetian mansions.

  8. Archanes

    • Heraklion

    Archanes or Arhanes is a small vibrant town with meticulously restored old houses and pleasant squares a truly remarkable job has been done here. An agricultural town with a long history and important archaeological sites.

  9. Chania

    • Chania

    Chania is a small, picturesque town worth getting to know, where you’ll almost certainly stay longer than you intended, enjoying tasty food, the wonderful harbour, old buildings and many more. Chania is also one of the two places you are most likely to see on arriving in Crete.

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