Casa Blue Villa is located on top of a rocky hill in Agia Pelagia, Heraklion, Crete. 

Agia Pelagia is a beach resort, 20km west of Heraklion on the west side of a long peninsula famous for its almost always calm waters. Agia Pelagia, was initially a small and picturesque settlement used by the residents of Achlada village for growing their crops; today it has transformed into a small tourist resort with many hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, internet cafés, ATMs, taxi, etc. and is connected with regular bus services to Heraklion. The main beach of the settlement is a long sandy with greenish, calm water, ideal for families. The beach offers many options for watersports, diving,umbrellas, food and accommodation. 

This is also the beach where several ruins of the ancient port city Apollonia have been extracted. Walking along the cape of Souda and passing by the shrine, after a few steps you will be above the most beautifull beach of Agia Pelagia, Fylakes. Fylakes (prisons) are small bays with green waters sheltered by the tall rocks of Cape Souda. In order to access Fylakes you have to go down along the rocky coast that lead to the beach or swim or take a sea bicycle. We consider this small beach as one of the top 10 of North Crete, so sont miss it!

Agia Pelagia was one of the most important ports in the region during the Venetian period. During the siege of Candia (today’s Heraklion) this port was used for providing help to the besieged Cretans. Later, the Turks built a fort here, traces of which do not exist today. Here, the legendary ship of Arkadi anchored during the Cretan Revolution, in order to provide ammunition to the rebels.

Other nearby beach options are Psaromoura, Mononaftis, Mades, Lygaria, Paliokastro beach and others.

The Aquarium of Crete is the fist large aquarium of Greece and one of the largest and most modern ones in Europe. Sixty tanks and more than 2000 creatures of the Mediterranean Sea bed await to be explored by visiting its top-of-the-notch facilities that represent underwater sceneries of Crete and the Mediterranean basin. Walk around, explore and then relax at the wonderful areas of CretAquarium with views to the Cretan Sea. The underwater journey in the Mediterranean starts here!

Lygaria (also Ligaria) is a small seaside resort 2 kms to the east of Agia Pelagia. It is built in a small cove with a lovely sandy beach protected from the summer winds (Meltemi)

Visit the birth place of El Greco (Dominique Theotokopoulos) Fodele Village well worth seeing. Fodele is built in an area of orange groves and, according to historians, this was the site of the ancient town of Astali, which was the port of ancient Axos. Today, the people of Fodele may have overdone things with too many craft shops selling the same products, and many cheery tavernas squeezed together, but it remains a central destination for visitors to the area, for two main reasons: First, Fodele is very green. A very pretty park next to the main square of Fodele offers shade and a picnic site. Even in the beginning of summer there is water running through it, reminding us why this area is so lush and verdant. And second to visit El Greco's House and Museum, A small collection of memorabilia and some interestingly displayed reproductions are housed in a building dating back to the life of this world-renowned painter and renaissance figure. 

In 30 min maybe less you are at the archeological site of Knossos which lies some 5 km south of Heraklion on a low, largely artificial hill. By far the largest of the Minoan palaces, it thrived over 3500 years ago at the heart of a hilghly sophisticated island-wide civilization.

During the same day you could visit and one of the most important collection of Minoan art and artifacts anywhere in the world at Heraklion's Archeological Museum. The Museum, as Knossos as well, is almost always crowded (at least in Summer) therefore try to see it early or late for during everyone else's lunch break.

Explore Rethymno's old town, perhaps the prettiest of Crete's Venetian cities and especially the waterfront and the streets just behind. Walk along the .harbour wall to the Venetian lighthouse. The fortezza (fortress) was built by the Venetians in 1573 to protect the city. Not only are walls, churches and the remains of its buildings of interest, the view from it to the town area great way to start planning your tour of the town. There are also sweeping sea views. Open daily.

For wine lovers, we propose the Buttari's winery in Skalani village (13km), We propose the guided tour  through the wine making process, the installations and the barrel cellars.

Lassithi Plateau is ideal for those who love cycling. Enjoy the 18km ride that goes through almost all the little villages. This ride is especially nice.

Visit the small town of Agios Nikolaos, the town with its unique features, the lake ("Voulismeni"), a folklore-inspiringly deep body of water which is connected to the sea by a narrow inlet. It is surrounded and overlooked by cafes and restaurants - a busy gathering place for local residents and visitors alike. Next  stop is the cosmopolitan Elounda, The way from Agios Nikolaos to Elounda is one of the most beautiful ways on the island.

Keep driving till the village of Plaka, with the marvelous view to Spinalonga  island. A visit to the island is a must and will be unforgettable!

For golf lovers, the Crete Golf Club, the only 18-hole golf course on the island and one of the most impressive courses of the Mediterranean, which holds a unique challenge and a pleasant experience for both golf players and visitors all year round, is located just 25 km away.

We propose to organize a full day excursions to the south coasts, like the well organized Matala beach, famous since 1960, as the hipes used to live there, in the caves, facing the bay and  organizing parties. You can also visit the next  beach Komos, a long sandy beach. with many trees for natural shadow. It would be better to go there a quite day with no wind. Our  third beach proposal is the Agiofarago Beach, just have in mind that from the parking place you need to walk 30 min. to reach the beach. At that beach you will feel that you have a private beach. At this beach there are also rocks appropriate for climbing. If you like climbing, don't forget your equipment.

Or maybe you would like to drive down south to Gortyna, Phaestos, Zaros or the south coast lapping on the shore at Lentas or the cave-surrounded beach of Matala. The scenic drive via time-worn villages, to Amari is also within reach.

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