Enjoy the large pool of Eleonas Country Village with plenty terrace to recline and sunbathe beside it or maybe reading a book.

Join a cookery demonstration (4-12 people) to learn about local cheese making and how to bake bread, pita (pies) and other traditional Cretan dishes.

Children can visit and help feed Eleonas’ farm animals, including goats, chickens, horses and rabbits. There's a playground and football area as well.

A small walk to Lake of Zaros,  or hike up the Gorge of St Nicholas - an easy enough 2-hour walk, following a path and clambering over rocks in parts. More experienced hikers might continue up a steep path to Rouvas Forest and the Church of Agios Giannis. Manolis at the reception could provide you with a map ( and with 6 others signposted paths)

Hire a mountain bike (get again a map from the reception)  and head your way through the old olive groves to Zaros (1.5km), a lovely small rustic Cretan village famous for its natural spring water and of course a fabulous locaton at the foot of Mountain Psiloritis. 

Visit the second most important archaeological site of Phaestos just 18km away where the ruins of a Minoan palace date back to 1600BC, or Gortys (13km), which incorporates Greek temples, a Roman forum and amphitheatre, and a Byzantine basilica

Enjoy a full day in Heraklion Town, explore the pedestrian-only old town, walk all the way on the prominande of Koules venetian fortress, and visit the superb Archaeological Museum (unfortunately partially closed) and the Crete Historical Museum

Head to Crete’s stunning south coast, which gives onto the Libyan Sea and enjoy your swimming at Matala Beach (maybe you already have heard about hippies), the long sandy beach of Kommos, the sandy cliffs of Agios Pavlos or a bti further Triopetra and Ligres Beach.

More exciting activities in Heraklion Region.

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