What's around Minos Palace Hotel & Suites when you wish to see the sights?

Environmental Activities: Embracing nature to its core the Minos Palace Hotel offers a great variety of environmental activities for guests to attend including bike rides with the blue bikes, original greek games and quality landscape photography contests so as to discover on their own pace and convenience the hidden gems that the Cretan nature has to offer.

Enjoy the abyss of the spa and let your senses swirl into the air as they connect with the elements of nature. Ananea Wellness invites you to revive and rejuvenate yourself with our Spa services. Escapre the ordinary, restore a soul balance and re - invigorate your body. Tip of the season .... Savor the moment at the privacy of the Spa Gazebo on the water's edge !

Water Sports & Diving :The certified Pelagos Dive Centre is located on the grounds of sister Minos Beach Arth Hotel giving guests the opportunity to participate in the Discover Dive sessions and enjoy diving in the tranquil waters of the sea as they explore the seabed, the ancient remains, the wrecks, the rocky slopes, the caverns, the walls and reefs found in the region. The diving center in Crete also features a great range of water sports activities for the more adventurous guests including dinghy sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing, donut and banana rides as well as excursions on small motor boats, trips around the bay and day cruises to Spinalonga and Mochlos.

Get Fit : In its aim to cater to the needs of all guests, theMinos Palace Hotel allows gym enthusiasts to remain fit during their holidays and follow a daily work out in order to maintain their figure. The work out options offered by the hotel along with the nutritious Cretan diet ensure a holiday of wellbeing and relaxation in the most enchanting of settings.

Agios Nikolaos itself provides all the shops from clothes and gifts to news, book and paraphernalia shops to cafes, attractive bars above and around the "lake" and harbour to a range of restaurants covering many tastes.

Enjoy an amazing cruise and explore every bit of the Kolokytha’s gulfs. You will dive into the crystal clear water of Mirabello Bay, rest in the golden beach, visit Spinalonga Island and swim to the unique pebbled seashore of the picturesque village of Plaka.

Or an alternative option could be a Sea Kayak exploration of this unique, great place.

Explore and you can visit villages on the road to Sitia - one of the most scenic coastal roads anywhere. The fine monastery of Toplou beyond Sitia merits a visit....perhaps with a pause in Sitia itself. In the other direction pass through Elounda and carry on to Plaka for fresh fish at the water's edge, with the Pasolini-esque view of Spinalonga island opposite.

Explore the traditional Cretan villages of Kritza and Mochlos and enjoy a lovely lunch as both are famous for this. At Kritsa Village  a worth visit is the archaelogical site of the ancient city of Lato one of Crete's few non-Minoan ancient sties. And why not ... here at Kritsa Village, you can order a pair of Cretan boots for postal delivery at Detorakis one of the best shoemakers.

From Kritsa it is a 16km climb up to the spectacular Katharo Plateau, which is cultivated by people from Kritsa, some of whom have homes here.

The area around Elounda offers excellent diving ... or Snorkeling in some ruins of the sunken ancient city of Olous, still remaining in the sea.

A list of Top 10 Must See Attractions: 

Archaeological Museum of Aghios Nikolaos 
With beautiful antiquities from the Minoan Civilization and the Palace of Zarkos east Crete.

Byzantine Church of Aghios Nikolaos
The oldest Byzantine Church in Crete 7th century with beautiful trescoes at the entrance of the Hotel.

Village of Kritsa and “Panagia Kera”
Byzantine church. A very beautiful untouched village only 10 km from Aghios Nikolaos. Famous church of Virgin Mary with unique architecture and beautiful frescoes and old icons.

The Plateau of Lassithi
The mountain of Lassithi and the Plateau of the Wind Mills with the cave “Diktaion Andron” where Zeus, King of Olympic Gods, was born.

Spinaloga island with the Venetian Castle
A beautiful excursion by boat in the Mirabello Bay.

Kri – Kri Island
Just across the bay 2 miles from the Hotel. A natural reserve of the rare wild Cretan goat Kri – Kri.

The ruins of Minoan Palace of Malia 
The ruins of Minoan Palace of Malia and the excavation site.

The Byzantine Monastery of Toplou
The Byzantine Monastery of Toplou  nearby Sitia Town with famous icons collection unique in the world. Producer of excellent wine, Virgin Olive Oil and Cretan Raki.

The Knossos Palace
Home of the legendary King Minos with the Labyrinth and the King’s treasures at the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. A unique collection of frescoes, paintings, jewellery of the Minoan civilization 2000b.c.

The Beaches of Vai (palm beach) and Palaikastro
Both awarded by the European Union among the 100 best beaches in the world.

About 3km north of Vai is the ancient Minoan site of Itanos, It may appear fairly desolate today, but this was an important site.

Customs & Festivals
- The “Lato” summer cultural events, the festival of Agios Nikolaos on December the 6th, as well as the Resurrection and the burning of Judas on stage in the center of the lake in Agios Nikolaos.
- The Resurrection at Toplou Monastery in Vai.
- The summer cultural events and the Free – Fish Night in October at Elounda.
- The festival of the Metamorphosis on August the 6th in Zakros.
- The cultural events “Kirbia” in July or August, and the traditional festivals on August 15th in Ierapetra.
- Three – day cultural events in August, the liturgy at the church of Kera on August 15th and the festival of Metamorphosis on August the 6th in Kritsa.
- The festival of Panagia on August the 15th in Neapolis.
- The cultural association of Tzemiado organizes cultural events throughout the summer season.
- The “Kornaria” cultural events in July or August, the festival of “Soultanina” in August and the festival of Prophet Elias on July the 20th in Sitia.

More activities in East Crete here.

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