Wander around the narrow streets of Kapetaniana Village, visit the church of Panagia with the 10th century’s frescos and admire the unique view of the Libyan sea.

Ask Marko and Popi to meet a beekeeper and learn more about honey and the whole process.

Hire an offroad vehicle (it is a must here)  and then you can explore the extensive network of mountain roads in a virgin, bare and holly Kofinas Mountain, the oldest Minoan sanctuary in the world..

Explore the clean secret small beaches of the area (Agios Ioannis, Moni Koudouma), away from the mass tourism big Hotels of the North Crete.

Bird watching and enjoy Gypaetus Barbatus flying above Asterousia Mountains.

Markos the owner orgaizes offroad excursions in the nearby area that you can have also mountain bike, canyoning, climbing, wild life observation etc. 

Enjoy the live music nights by Markos and his friends paying the Cretan mandolin and lyra for fun. After several Cretan raki (local spirit) glasses , in your way to your house you will amazed by the clear view of the bright stars in the night sky.

Live the experience of the well known delicious honey making (ask Markos for it).

Visit the Monasteries of Koudoumas and of Odigitrias. The Koudoumas monastery, which is still populated, and other, now abandoned hermitages and monastic establishments ("monydria").

Visit the well known archaeological sites of Gortys and Festos.

The ruins of seven Minoan settlements.

Numerous Byzantine and post-Byzantine chapels decorated with murals of various distinct styles.

Ravines and caves are waiting to be explored. You will also come across the rare, stenoendemic flora of the region, the bush, the plants and herbs on the ragged sides of the rocky hills. 

In 60 min maybe less you are at the archeological site of Knossos which lies some 5 km south of Heraklion on a low, largerly artificial hill. By far the largest of the Minoan palaces, it thrived over 3500 years ago at the heart of a hilghly sophisticated island-wide civilization. 

During the same day you could visit and one of the most important collection of Minoan art and artefacts anywhere in the world at Heraklion's Archeological Museum. The Museum, as Knossos as well, is almost always crowded (at least in Summer) therefore try to see it early or late for during everyone else's lunch break.

Enjoy and explore the small coast village of Matala. It first made into the history books as the place where Zeus, in the form of a bull. swam ashore with Europa on his back before dragging her off to Gortyna. The Minoans used Matala as their harbour for Phaestos and under the Romans it became the port for Gortyna. Ruins of these ancient settlements are still visible on the seabed.

Don't miss to visit the beach of Agiofaraggo (19km) at the exit of the homonym gorge. To get there you must either cross the gorge, by easy hiking of about 30-50’, or catch a boat from Matala, Agia Galini, or Kali Limenes. We definitely recommend the first option, as the route within the vertical walls of the gorge is breathtaking. On the way you will see the large caves were some hermits still live and the chapel of St. Anthony, with a well outside.

For more activities in Heraklion Prefecture, please have a look here

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