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The Splantzia Quarter (were To Spiti is located) has recently been restored and is considered to be one of the new alternative choices in the Old Town of Chania. It has a multicultural character and is full of colorful contrasts. Its residents include both a strong local and immigrant population. The Splanzia area has not succumbed to the exploitation of mass tourism and thus offers both serenity and safety, day and night.

The bell tower of the church of Saint Nicholas is quite probably the only noise heard in the neighborhood as it chimes on the hours. This church is a rare example of a bell tower and minaret combined in one structure.

On Daskalogiannis Street, a distance of 100 meters from the house, you will be able to find: a bakery, a mini-market, a pharmacy, and a delicatessen for your basic needs. You will also be able to find many interesting and quality restaurants and bars within walking distance. 

On the ground floor of the house there are two bicycles at your disposal. The city of Chania does not offer riding paths or bicycle lanes. As To Spiti is located next to the Venetian Port and close to the center of town, you will be able to enjoy many pleasant trips along the coast, walkways and narrow streets of the Old Town.

A well worth walk in the area is to Koum Kapi by following the coast eastward. This area is a hot spot for local young people. Also, if you are seafood lovers or are interested in a quick dip in the sunny Mediterranean sea, head westward, about 500 meters after the end of the Old Port. Here you will find the beach of Nea Hora. This small trip is also worth doing on bicycle.

From the pretty small fishing harbour of Chania regular boat trips run in summer to the island of Agii Theodoroi, a wild goat or kri-kri sanctuary, for snorkelling and swimming.

Swim. The nearest beach is  500m away, Agii Apostgolli Beach is 4 km, and the famous long beach of Agia Marina, is 7km away. Or maybe you prefer the enclosed waters of Marathi bay, on the Akrotiri peninsula.

Also on Akrotiri peninsula, beyond the airport, there are two very impressive monasteries, inhabited by a few monks and both are opened to appropriately dressed visitors in the morning and late afternoon, Agia Triada or Jakaoron, renowned for its traditions this unique olive oil is produced,  and the historic  monastery of Gouvernetou the more remote which resembles a castle, with towers which served to defend it from raiders.

Beyond Gouvernetou lies a wonderful hiking trail to the cliff chapel of Katholikon and an azure-watered inlet below. The aquamarine water would be very inviting for a swim before the climb back up to Gouverneto Monastery, if this were not strictly prohibited by the monks.

If you are looking for more quite beaches, Falasarna, is a very long beach that is located on the west part of island, 44km from your hotel, What makes this beach so unique, is the length, you can walk along the sandy beach for a lot of time. Or drive 2 hours southwest to Elafonisi (try and get there before the afternoon crowds), or 1 hour west the well-known Balos Beach (the latter requires a short hike, or a boat from Kastelli).

Samaria Gorge is the longest gorge in Europe, if you like gorges, walk through this gorge and the experience will be unique. It is a long gorge, 16km, and you need about 6 hours to pass it,  that means that it is not allowed to walk the long way if you have any health problem. If you think that 16km are too many, you can see the last part of the gorge. You  have to drive till Chora Sfakion and then you take the boat to Agia Roumeli, where is the exit of the gorge, you just have to walk a few kilometers in the gorge, at least till the most narrow point "portes".

Next to Samaria gorge there is another gorge, shorter but very beautiful because it is very narrow in some points. This is Imbros gorge and you need just 2 hours to pass it. You can combine this walk, with swimming to Fragokastelo beach, as it is very close to the exit of the gorge.

For those who love horse riding, there is a horse riding center in Akrotiri, that organises daily excursions at that area. You just need to make a reservation.

Explore Rethymno's old town and especially the waterfront and streets just behind. Walk along the harbour wall to the Venetian lighthouse. The Fortezza (fortress) was built by the Venetians (1573) to protect the city. Not only are walls, church and the remains of its buildings of interest, the views from it to the town are a great way to start planning your tour of the town. There are also sweeping sea views. Open daily. 

Don't miss to visit Rethimnon's Archaelogical Museum which occupies a building almost directly opposite the entrance to the fortress. It's worth a look especially if you are going to the bigger museums in other towns. Here you could enjoy Minoan pottery and sarcophagi and lots of Roman coins, jewellery, pots and statues, all from Rethimno province. Take a look at an unusual unfinished Roman statue of Aphrodite.

Head South from Rethymno to the sandy Palm Beach of Preveli, a sand-filled cove right at the end of the Kourtaliotiko gorge, where a freshwater estuardy feeds a little oasis complete with  palm grove and cluster of oleanders ( at the beginning and the end of the season it is lovely).

Tassos the owner will be glad to give you many suggestions for eateries and day trips and he is able to provide you with maps and recommendations which are spot on! 

For more activities around Chania, please have a look here.

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