Axos is a steeped-in-history village in the mountains. There are wondrous views of surrounding mountains and from higher viewpoints views of the north coast and sea beyond. Axos boasts numerous historic churches, important archaeological sites and caves in the immediate area. For local and inland exploration, summer and winter, this is a real change for the traditional with a local character and "atmosphere". 

The Guesthouse is surrounded by trees and a lush garden on many levels. Maybe an evening next to the wood-fired ovens of Yakinthos you will taste the Cretan cuisine and experience the warm hospitality and kindness of the family, combined with the melodic sounds of the lyre and the mandolin.

In addition you could participate in cooking, making cheese, kneading, cooking “antikristo” meat and in the production of raki. 

Don't miss a visit at the  traditional farm. This is a daily excursion ( just 5 euros per person), that will fill you with aromas and unforgettable experiences. In a land of 35,000 m2 filled with all kinds of trees (olive trees, Kermes oaks – “prinos”, maple trees etc.) and local animals, with a rich garden, a threshing space, the famous “giristi” (vaulted stone fence of a special construction), the “mitato” (the shepherd’s house) and the traditional “tirokeli” (underground cell – cheese dairy, built inside the earth), you will have the chance to experience the Cretan nature and life. You will learn about the trees and bushes that grow in this region, smell the aromatic plants and herbs of Crete and learn about their magic powers, you will watch baby lambs, sheeps, rabbits, chicken, horses and other domestic animals and birds in their natural environment. Then you will thresh with farm's horse, you will be taught everything about milking at the traditional “giristi”, you will visit the “mitato” where you can make and taste local cheese, while at last but not least you will get to know the special space where cheese matures, farm's unique, underground cheese cell (“tirokeli”). Upon agreement, Yakinthos visitors may participate in activities such as animal shearing, “antikristo” meat broiling etc.

In addition, take part at one of cooking/pastry lessons with a special interest in gastronomy, Yakinthos organises cooking and pastry lessons, in smaller or larger groups, at Iperoon restaurant – café of Manias Mansion, where the participants also enjoy a meal with their creations, for a complete dining experience.

Nearby Yakinthos, if you walk up 100m at an altitude of 750m, you will find an area of 4 acres where you can combine mountain climbing, walking, relaxation, getting to know nature, enjoying the melodies of birdsong, the scent of plants and aromatic herbs in the company of lambs, goats and other domestic animals. 

Meet the ordinary people of the village, who are still tied to the land and its traditions and experience the customs of Cretan country life, traditional weddings, celebrations, fairs and serenades.

Enjoy the fair dedicated to the local saint Aghios Athanasios on August 21, the Yakinthia.

Don't misst the Shepherd-Cheese festival and the event on the Psiloritis walk, sheep shearing, “rakokazanemata” and others.

Participate in vine harvesting, grape pressing, olive picking, milking animals, making cheese, kneading and baking bread and dakos, cooking, cooking “antikristo” meat, olive pressing, the art of weaving on a loom, the woodcarving workshop and stone creations. 

There is also the possibility for ski mountaineering on the natural slopes of Mt Psiloritis, hiking and exploring the natural beauty of the area, mountain biking and other winter sports.

Visit the new Museum of Wooden Sculptures fronted by a massive sculpture of Hercules killing the lion. This private museum is a permanent collection of the sculptor George Koutantos. It works both as a Museum and Workshop and is the outcome of twenty years of involvement with sculpture.

Sea lovers may enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters of Bali and Panormo.

Visit the nearby spectacular Cave of Sfendoni (just beyond Zoniana) with a magnificent display of stalactites, stalagmites and petriified waves, many over five millions years old.

Explore a place with history and character with warm people and an excellent cuisine, Anogia Village.

Visit or walk to the Monastery of Dioskouri, nearby Garazo Village, a historical monastery,  with neatly ordered cells circling the tiny church Agios Yeorgios A particularty serene place n the early evening when the monks fill the place wiht singing and incense from the church wafts around the small courtyard. 

Venture from here to the awe-inspiring and enormous plateau, the Nida Plateau and visit the Ideon Cave. The journey is truly scenic and takes you through sparkling rock and mountainscapes. There is a taverna at the plateau - what you really want to do is just walk, wander and take in this "out of Africa-like" panorama. (In winter skiing would be a possibility on the way up to the plateau - there is a ski "area", but it has not been operating for years).

At Zoniana, a nearby village, you can check out the new wax museum.

Visit old city of Rethymno with the pedestrial zone, the narrow streets, the small shops., the nice cafes and restaurant. Visit the archeological museum and the minaret in the city center and in the afternoon enjoy your coffee on the waterfront just opposite of the hotel.

Rethymno is also famous because of the carnival in the winter time. The last week of carnival, the party starts from Friday and ends on Sunday with the big parade. People from all over Greece comes here because of the carneval that becomes always better and better.

Discover the Amari Valley a wonderful place to visit in the heat of the summer, where the traditional mountain villages with their plane trees, cool springs and kafenions are still untouched by tourism.

Yakinthia is an artistic cultural festival that takes place every year in July on Crete in the village of Anogia. It is a festival dedicated to love and hope. Its name is derived from the story of Saint Yakinthios.

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