During your stay at Eleonas we are quite sure that you will love the food, which is prepared from mostly home-grown produce and  a large variety of pure, local products, especially olive oil (own production), which is used in almost all the dishes.

Eleonas taverna is quite popular with Greeks from across the island especially in Winter,  and you can either eat inside during Winter and a few days in springtime next to the fireplace or during Summer on the lovely stone terrace surrounded by olive trees and flowers ... enjoying the nature.

Buffet Breakfast Includes  (open 08:00-10:30 a.m. every morning) :  fresh bread every morning , carob cookies , multigrain cookies, homemade cake, mini croissant, cornflakes, Muesli, Porridge, local thyme honey, carob honey, homemade jams, fresh orange juice (For all season’s), fresh fruits  (apples, pears, kiwi, carrots) and juicer to make fresh juice, homemade peach compote  from our garden and fresh peach juice, local cheeses, kefalotyri, graviera, feta, anthotyros, tyrozouli, local  yogurt, cold cuts  (turkey smoked and boiled, ham), fresh tomatoes, grated tomato, cucumber, olives olive oil, fried eggs, scrambled eggs and boiled, variety of local pies (different every day) cheese pie, leek pie, pepper pie , spinach pie, mushroom pie, local honey buns, tiropsomo (bread with cheese, tomato onions, peppers and olives ), coffee, mountain tea, and variety of 15 different teas

Lunch and dinner meals feature authentic Cretan cuisine with a variety of fresh dishes: lamb in the stove, rooster in wine sauce, chicken with sage, rabbit stifado (rabbit with onions and spices), lamb stamnagathi (lamb with a wild mountain herb), pork with leek, chicken with olives and more.  The olive oil, raki, wine, milk, cheese, eggs, and vegetables, plus some of the meat, are all from the farm.

Homemade bread, olives, origano, olive oil with herbs
Appetizer (choice from 15 different appetizers )
Main dish (choose from 3 different day dishes )
Dessert : fresh fruits sweet and raki

Appetizer (choice from 15 different appetizers )
Day dish or Grilled burger with French fries and salad or Chicken fillet with French fries and salad or Macaroni with tomato sauce
Dessert: fresh fruits or sweets

** Dinner is served at the restaurant, the fresh local food is cooked only with olive oil. Many different choices every day. 

** Drinks not include

Each cottage has a small kitchenette with a hot plate, basic crockery and a fridge-mini bar  (stocked with wine, beer, fizzy drinks and mineral water with quite reasonable prices. Upon your arrival, you’ll find a welcome (Cretan hospitality) of raki, some Greek coffee, Greek mountain tea and some fruits. The kitchenettes are quite usefull to prepare snacks and coffee not meals and families will find them quite useful.

Eat out ... plenty of options around the lake (fresh trout from the lake is delicious) or at the village of Zaros.

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