Gastronomy at Pepi Boutique Hotel is very important. 

Pepi Buffet Breakfast : 
The best day starts with a good breakfast, fresh orange and pomegranate juice, coffee or tea. 
Cretan breakfast. The Linear B tablets of Minoan Crete show us that the Cretan four thousand years ago consumed cheese, yoghurt, eggs, breads, cereal, olives, rusks, herbal mountain tea, fresh goats milk, smoked pork and of course the renown thyme honey of Crete.
Vegan breakfast. Fruit-in season and dried fruits, nuts, pulses, fresh breads, soya, and coconut milk.

Wine cellar
Wine cellar is home to Cretan vine pedigrees, Greek varieties, and numerous other fine labels.

Crete's third largest town has lively nightlife and some of the best restaurants in Crete.

Hotel Information Recommended For
Type: Small Hotels & Inns Architecture & style :
Rooms: 17 Nice atmosphere :
Pool: Yes Quality of Service :
Dining: Breakfast Young Couples :
Children: No - Adults Only Hotel Family hospitality :
Closed: Never Honeymoon :

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