Olive Green, an urban oasis, 100% environmentally eco - friendly hotel in the heart of Heraklion town, in unique Crete.

The concept of an urban oasis of accommodation that can be reached, in a contemporary environment that embraces nature in sustainability and still encompasses the highest level of technology, a breathtaking result.

Olive Green Hotel,with its  48 rooms, stands out with a remarkable character in the heart of Heraklion town. A modern, quality, intelligent, conscious, eco-friendly hotel, with modern infrastructures it combines the cutting-edge technology with the glory of Cretan culture. Contemporary living, sophisticated design and modern facilities a journey to the senses and a blend of the past and the future, tasting local delicacies with purely organically grown ingredients and relishing nature both outdoors and inside the hotel.

It is located within walking distance from the main points of interest and the central market. Iraklion, the city with rich architecture, culture and urban nightlife, bursting with energy, an inteligent proposal for the modern travelller.

The two words in its name are at the core of the hotel’s philosophy. Traditionally, Olive stands as a symbol of eternity, tranquility and prosperity, being an important part of the island’s identity. The color Green stands for the ecological character of the hotel which is implementing international sustainability criteria.

Gleaming surfaces and olive green deco throughout the hotel can be a bit oppressive, but large digital images of local beauty spots on the walls and careful use of lighting, help break the monotony.

Olive Green Hotel, not just eco-friendly but tech-friendly too, wiht modern technological advancements.  A tablet allows you to fully control everything in the room, from the air conditioning to the TV and lights. You also order at the room service and even post your updates on social media. You are in control! Led lighting and multi plugs, in house pillow choice and the complimentary use of iPads, smart app concierge 24/7 and of course the friendliest, most hospitable team of professionals eager to assist you with a smile.

This is what you expect, a hotel that is about to become a hallmark of Heraklion, a meeting place for business men and the local community, a place where tourists and travelers from all over the world find their dreamy destination.

Experience a unique kind of hospitality, with the friendly staff tending to your every need and the ambience inviting you to discover the absolute serenity of nature’s masterpieces – all that under the life-lasting glow of the olive tree!

  • Hotel Name: Olive Green Hotel - Heraklion
  • Area: Heraklion, Heraklion Town
  • Why Go: Design,Modern,Elegant,City Style,Shopping,Food & Wine,Restaurant

Why we like it

  • Olive Green has been designed with the concept of contemporary, high-tech luxury, combined with nature’s marvels and tradition.
  • A distinctive contemporary hotel architecture and interior design.
  • Nature and tradition in perfect alignment with technology.
  • 626 All Day Lounge & City Garden is where the heart of Heraklion beats - a place where you can lounge with friends and enjoying popular dishes from all over the world.

What to know

  • Parking can be difficult at this property, which is in the heart of the old town and a 15-minute drive from Heraklion International Airport. Cars can stop to drop off luggage and then park in the inexpensive car park a few minutes' walk away.
  • Smaller Popular rooms on the first to fourth floors have balconies with views over the lively park and cafés below, and noise could be a problem, but soundproofing is excellent with windows closed.
Hotel Information Recommended For
Type: Mid-Size Hotels Architecture & style :
Rooms: 48 City Style :
Pool: No Cheap & Chic :
Dining: Yes Eco :
Children: Welcome Young Couples :
Closed: Never Quality of Service :

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