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Winter Colors in Milia Ecotourism Traditional Hotel

Winter colors in Milia Ecotourism Traditional Hotel.

Lost in nature ... life is beautiful.

Learn more about this amazing place : Milia Eco Hotel 

Thalori Traditional Village Magnificent Views & Serenity and Benefits of Sea

Thalori Traditional Village commands a magnificent view of the Libyan Sea and combines in harmonious ways the wilderness of the mountain and the serenity and benefits of the sea.

“Thalori” means “sea” and “hill” and it is this rare coupling that lends a unique accommodation experience in southern Crete. 

Thalori consists of 20 traditional houses, each with a distinctive personality.

The houses are an integral part of the village, maintaining their Cretan architecture, combining...

Milia Traditional Village - Another Philosophy

The philosophy of “back to basics” has found true meaning at ‪Milia‬ ‪‎Traditional‬ ‪Village‬!

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Book your flights, rent your car and ... wishing you a splendid holiday in unique, lovely Crete.

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Hotel Of The Week, Our Milia Traditional Village in West Crete

My sunny Kalimera dear guests,

wish you are fine and enjoy a splendid weekend.

We are glad to present you our hotel of the week.

If you’re searching for an authentic cultural experience away from the tourist trails, look no further than our Milia Traditional Village in the remote hills of west Crete. 

Here the local life is on your doorstep and very much a part of your stay. 

Don't miss to have a look at our new activities at Milia, as a Cooking Workshop or a Journey to the...