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Hotel of Day - Villa Kerasia Inn Heraklion

Beautiful countryside inn with pool.

Villa Kerasia Inn, just 20-25 minutes from Heraklion Town/Airport, quietly greets you standing on the hillside....

Book early since the hotel will be rapidly booked once again this summer.

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Traditional House In A Real Cretan Village Thalori Mountain Retreat

If you’ve dreamed of staying in a wonderfully restored, traditional house in a real Cretan village - you have found it.

Here you will feel the power of the mountains, the serenity of the sea, the immensity of nature, the richness of history, the traditional life, and the warm hospitality of the Skordalakis family.

This a place where time stops and the magic of the landscape keeps us spellbound – a paradise for true  nature lovers.

Thalori Traditional Village is a unique, restored old...

Eleonas Traditional Cottages - Space The Last Great Luxury

Your views...

Space...the last great luxury.

At Eleonas Traditional Cottages, you’ll find a pleasing amount of space between the individual cottages or small cluster of cabins among trees and soaring mountain rockscapes on the edge of and overlooking Zaros.

"Paradise. The situation is beautiful and peaceful. Marvellous walks in the mountains and the south coast is only a scenic 30 minutes away. Excellent Cretan cuisine. The owner and his staff could not have been more...

The Cretan Traditional Villas At Gavalochori Village, Chania, Crete

In the heart of this small and most pleasingly friendly, traditional village, Gavalochori, three autonomous renovated stone-built traditional houses with mountain views in order to live a unique Cretan experience.

This is a place where you get to really feel the local pulse and calm, the style and life of this island yet you are in a truly traditional stone-built house lovingly restored with full respect to tradition and fully equipped for a relaxing and most enjoyable holiday.


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Thalori Traditional Village In Crete - Silently Amazing

Many thanks Marie ....

"We spent 3 nights in Thalori Traditional Village and we enjoyed very much our stay.

We were staying in the new room in a little 5 units cottages detached from the main "resort". The view from the terrace was just amazing !

Markos and his wife Popi are great host. When we arrived a young girl Katerina welcomed us.

Because the village is quite isolated we took all our meals at Thalori and it was perfect and we enjoyed it.

We went to the Monastery Moni Koudouma...

Spilia Village Traditional Hotel - Crete

Built in 5 months by a team of fifty craftsmen, around an original factory-come-olive press and the remains of 13 to 17th century village houses.

Spilia Village is the true Cretan country village inn with plenty of interesting activities around

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Winter and Crete or maybe Winter in Crete?

"Out of season" and "off-season" the right time to enjoy Crete's more peaceful nature.

A good time to pursue interests, studies, hobbies and hikes. By winter, we mean November until late March.

Winter months offer the chance to explore the uncrowded vision of Crete. In some years there is significant snowfall in the mountains (the highest peaks always receive some winter snowfall).

Vistas open up in the winter and you can meet local people, experience hospitality that is offered...