Crete Marathon Chania Crete

Crete Marathon Chania Crete

Crete Marathon Chania Crete

Crete Marathon takes place in Chania, one of the most beautiful and touristic developed places in Crete, Greece.

The city of Chania has a rich heritage in terms of historical, monumental and natural beauty. The event is designed to be suitable for elite athletes as well as for everyday runners!

Route description: The Marathon course consists of one loop. The course is of low difficulty, mainly flat, apart from around 350m of acclivity which are found twice in the route. It starts and finishes at the Old Agora (Market place) right in the historic Centre of Chania city, goes through the old Venetian Harbor and then out of the city follows the coastal road of the touristic zone. Overall, the 32km are alongside the coast and the 10 km through Chania city. In addition to the Marathon, there are a 10 km course and two fun runs of 5 & 2,5 km as well as a Marathon Non- Competitive Bike Ride.

Refreshment stations:
- Support stations will be located along the Marathon course, starting after the 5th kilometer.
- Bottled mineral water will be distributed to the participants at the Start and the Finish line as well as every 2,5km of the course, after the 5th km.
- Additionally, isotonic drinks will be distributed to the participants at the Start, the Finish, as well as every 5km of the course, after the 10th km.
- Along the route, after the 5th km and every 5km, facilities will be available for persons accompanying runners, from which they will be able to provide them with their personal drinks and supplements.

Venue facilities:
Full high standards athletes’ services.
High quality medical support, nurses, rescuers and cardiology unit.
Toilets, changing facilities, bag storage, massage, car parking.

Price ladder:
Marathon: Individual Participation: 15 € Group: 12 €
10 km Road Race: Individual Participation: 12 € Group: 10 €
5 km Road Race: Individual: 10 € Group: 8 €
2,5 km Road Race: Individual: 8 € Group: 5 €

Maximum limit:
For the 1st Crete-Marathon 2016, the maximum limit is:
400 for Marathon
1000 for 10 km Road Race
1000 for 5km Road Race
1000 for 2,5 km

Road Race Website:

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