Ha Gorge - Canyon in East Crete-Lasithi

Ha Gorge - Canyon in East Crete-Lasithi

Ha Gorge - Canyon in East Crete-Lasithi

Ha Gorge in Lassithi is difficult to be crossed in its whole length and only few managed to do it.

The first descent of this amazingly beautiful gorge took place in 1987. Today, Ha is a landmark for the experienced yet daring canyoners.

The imposing Gorge of Ha is considered the most beautiful technical gorge in Crete.

It is formed on the western side of Mount Thrypti and transports the waters from the plateau of Thripti to the isthmus of Ierapetra, which are then moved on the beach of Pachia Ammos.

The entrance of the gorge is located below the Byzantine church of Saint Anne (Agia Anna) at an altitude of about 800m, next to the European footpath E4 that connects the Minoan settlement of Vasiliki with Thripti.

Its exit, reminiscent of a knife that has cut the mountain in two, is located at an altitude of 100m, next to the village Monastiraki.

The interior of the gorge is amazing with small waterfalls and lakes, however crossing it without the necessary experience and equipment could be fatal.

The region inside and around the Gorge of Ha is a wildlife habitat with many rare species of flora and fauna.

The name of this gorge comes from the Greek word hasko, which means to open.

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