Impressive Ancient Acropolis At Orne Village, Rethimnon

Impressive Ancient Acropolis At Orne Village, Rethimnon

Impressive Ancient Acropolis At Orne Village, Rethimnon

The largest Acropolis of Crete, as all show, is revealed by archaeological excavations, bringing to light one of the most important archaeological sites in the whole island of Crete.

This is the Mycenaean Acropolis of Orne, located near the villages of Orne, Krya Vrysi and Melabes, in the municipality of Agios Vasilios in Rethimno.

In particular, the 3rd excavation period in the Kastellos area of ​​the Orne Local Community is in full swing, and according to the latest finds, high-value archaeological finds have already been discovered.

However, apart from the very important findings already made by the excavation, the 55 acres that make up the acropolis, as they all show, make it the largest in the Acropolis of Crete.

The Acropolis at Castellos, near Orne, at 540 meters above sea level, dates to 1200 BC. it has excellent residential organization and is built on a point of indescribable beauty and view.

It is a naturally fortified citadel on the west and very well fortified on the other side.

The area has a landscape of exceptional natural beauty that has not been contaminated by industrial projects or any other environmental contamination. Such landscapes, where archaeological sites are so important, there are not somewhere else in the Rethymnon Regional Unity.

Until now a number of buildings with excellent architecture have been excavated.

Roads, public spaces and architectural and town planning elements show the very organized nature of this citadel. The revelation of the important buildings is ongoing, and the findings will be prepared for the exhibition at the Rethymnon Museum.

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