Minoan Ceramic Pottery Tradition

Minoan Ceramic Pottery Tradition

Minoan Ceramic Pottery Tradition

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Did you Know?

- Pottery in the Middle Minoan Period was transformed by the introduction of the fast potter's wheel, an innovation that led to thinner and finer wares, which, in turn, led to finer decoration.

- The Marine style, perhaps, produced the most distinctive of all Minoan pottery with detailed, naturalistic depictions of octopuses, argonauts, starfish, triton shells, sponges, coral, rocks and seaweed.

- Minoans relied heavily on religious iconography, depicting the images of their gods and especially goddesses and were known for their peaceful thalassocracy.

- The two most common motifs in Minoan art - the bull and the snake.

- The finest achievements came in the Late Minoan period, with the palace pottery called Kamares ware, and the Late Minoan all-over patterned "Marine Style" and "Floral Style".

- These were widely exported around the Aegean civilizations and sometimes beyond and are the high points of the Minoan pottery tradition.

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