The Traditional Sheep Bells Of Crete

The Traditional Sheep Bells Of Crete

The Traditional Sheep Bells Of Crete

Shepherding is one of the oldest proffesion in Crete.

Bells for sheep and goats were used all over Greece and Crete of course. 

The bells were the pride of the shepherd and they were used to monitor the sheeps and goats. The quality of each bell as well as their combination was very important so that the flock will sound harmonious.

The Cretan bells are hammered bells with thin sheet metal and consequently have a low weight. In addition, they are plated with bronze and bronze which protects them from seawater. 

The sounds of sheep-bells allow sheperds to know whether an animal is grazing, drinking water, or trying to get away from something or even to locate animals that have been lost.

All traditional hand-made sheep bells sound different. 

Making a sheep bell: Iron sheets are cut depending on the size of the bell we want to make. Then, on an anvil and using a concave mould sheets are formed by hammering. The suspension loop added is either brazed of soldered. For tinning, the bell is heated at 1000 C. Then, a nail is introduced; Once heated, the bell's clapper is formed. Once cleaned, it's ready for it's ready for its "musical journey" in amazing landscape of lovely Crete.

In the village of Assites in Crete there is still one of the few bell-making workshops left in Greece.

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