The stunning Asterousia Mountains

The stunning Asterousia Mountains

The stunning Asterousia Mountains

Asterousia Mountains are the southernmost range in Greece, located on the south side of Heraklion Prefecture.

The Asterousia Mountains stretch imposingly along the southern part of the Regional Unit of Heraklion.

It is the southernmost mountain range of Greece and Europe, as well as the “holy” mountain of Crete.

Asterousia Mountains: This otherwordly, sacred, and imposing place could not but take its name from the gods!

The name Asterousia is said to come either from the deified Asterion, the son of the mythical king Minos, or from the forgotten worship of Zeus Asterion.

The average altitude of Asteroussia is not very high (<1250m), but access is quite tough because the terrain is very rugged, with many gorges and canyons.

Asterousia's main features are warm temperatures, rare rainfalls and very low vegetation.

The few trees that are struggling to grow are eaten by the hungry goats that are destroying everything.

Bare mountains, sharp rocks and steep cliffs falling in the sea give an eerie character to the entire region making these landscapes unique in Europe.

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Image: by Isabella Zampetaki



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