Triopetra beach in south Rethimno Crete

Triopetra beach in south Rethimno Crete

Triopetra beach in south Rethimno Crete

Maybe we are in the middle of a mild Winter but we are dreaming of bright Summer days and unspoiled beaches.

One of them is Triopetra a long and sandy beach named after three giant rocks jutting out of the sea in the south of the island of Crete, south of Rethimno's town.

A headland divides the sandy strip into "Little-East Triopetra" and "Big-West Triopetra".  

The main beach of Triopetra, West Triopetra, is formed west of the rocks and extends to the west for several kilometers. On the east side of the beach are some overhanging cliffs (like a stunning big cave) for those who love a little shade. The beach has beautiful fine sand and beautiful turquoise water colors. Its west orientation makes it vulnerable to the western winds, but also famous for its fantastic sunsets. 

There are also a few taverns on the beach and you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas (but the stock is limited). The main part of the beach do not have any facilities - so free of beds, and at the edges of the main beach there is room for naturists. There is also a beautiful sandy beach on the other side of the hill which is mainly a naturist beach.

The drive to Triopetra is also a pretty one through a beautiful and rough landscape, and stunning views of the Libyan sea and the Paxamidia islands. Triopetra can be reached from Agios Pavlos (about 300m) or via a 12km winding asphalt road from the village of Akoumia on the Rethymno–Agia Galini road.

For more bright, active days in Rethimno Area.

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