Sailing to some amazing islands in Chania region

Sailing to some amazing islands in Chania region

Sailing to some amazing islands in Chania region

Dear Crete Traveller

Let your dreams set sail ... serenity, tranquility, beauty, an amazing sailing experience in west Crete, Chania!

Chania is maybe one of the most beautiful parts of Crete with so many great spots that you can hardly explore with one visit.

So just relax and decide what is the most important for you and your holidays.

For the sailing fans we have chosen a few small islands that you could explore with one of our superb sailing trips.

- Theodorou Island: 

The island of Thodoros or Agioi Theodoroi is located just opposite the beach of Platanias in Chania, west, just half a mile north. Many sailing trips from Chania visit this small islet. This is an islet of great ecological importance since it has now become a protected area for the rescue of the Cretan Goat (the wild goat Kri – Kri). The island is uninhabited, it is rocky, with an area of ​​697 acres, while its maximum length reaches 3,800 meters. On the south side of the island, there is a large arched cave, which from afar makes it look like a monster with its mouth open, as those who have enough imagination say!

Next to Theodorou there is a large rock, the islet of Glaraki, and that is why you will often hear them mentioned on both islands in the plural, that is “Theodorou”. The kri-kri goats were transported to Theodorou from the mountains of Crete so that they could reproduce away from poachers. Since then, the islands have been declared a protected area and all human presence and activity has been banned. It is estimated today that about 80 wild goats live there and are guarded by a special guard. Finally, in Theodorou many migratory birds find shelter.

- Lazaretta Island : 

Lazaretta is a small island (about 200 meters long and 70 meters wide) that is almost a mile from the coast of Nea Chora, which is located near the old town of Chania. Lazaretta holds a long history associated with Chania starting in 1952 when the Island was used as a place of quarantine for leprosy victims.
In the 17th Century, a quarantine building was put together on the Island but in 1645, when the Turks invaded, Lazaretta was destroyed and used as a base for cannons used in an attack against Chania City.

Today, a small part of this building measuring 25 meters long and 7 meters wide, is still visible.

On the Island is a small white chapel in honor of St Nicholas. St Nicholas is known as the patron of sailors, protecting everybody at sea.

In the 1950s Lazaretto was used as a starting point for swimming races which ended in Chania Harbour in front of the Port Authorities.

Today Lazaretta is enjoyed by swimmers, a few small fishing boats, and of course boat trips. It is known as one of Chania’s best snorkeling spots.

- Gramvousa Island : 

The two uninhabited islands of Gramvousa, Agria, and Imeri are located near the homonymous cape of Chania just two miles northwest of the lagoon of Balos. Agria Gramvousa is located north of the cape however, it is quite difficult to access it. Due to the high rocks that surround the island-like walls, it is not easily accessible. It has joined the Natura program, as well as the wider area. On its rocks it hosts gulls and various species of birds. The island of Imeri Gramvousa, on the other hand, is accessible.

Apart from a beautiful beach, there is also a famous fortress, built by the Venetians. On the south side of the islet are formed two large bays. Between the bays there is a shipwreck, the rusty trunk of which is now an integral part of the landscape. In the bay of Gramvousa, which is located under the fortress, hundreds of visitors disembark daily in the summer, by boats. The boats run one hour from the port of Kissamos. Visitors can tour the castle and see the wreck up close, in addition to enjoying swimming and the sea! Next to the beach, there is the small chapel of Agioi Apostoloi and a cafe where you can find the essentials.

- Souda Island : 

Just a tiny islet, the guard in the entrance of the Gulf of Souda, a natural harbor protected by the high mountains the east of Chania, on the northeast side of the port of Chania-Souda. A small island but with a rich history, worth visiting.

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