The Gourmet Avli Restaurant in Crete

The Gourmet Avli Restaurant in Crete

The Gourmet Avli Restaurant in Crete

Κalimera Crete Traveller,

sunny wishes for a glorious new week ahead.

When seeking the finest gourmet restaurants in Crete Greece, don’t overlook Avli Restaurant.

The award-winning restaurant is one of the Founding Members of the Society for the preservation of Mediterranean Cuisine.

Combining Cretan and Greek culinary traditions, this gorgeous spot – encased by vibrant crawling flowers and quintessentially Mediterranean stone walls – is the perfect place to spend an evening or two dining in style.

The ‘Anthi’ appetizer is a particular favorite of ours: a piquant dish consisting of zucchini flowers, soft goat’s cheese, and spearmint.

And for your stay, enjoy eclecticism at its most extraordinary at Avli Lounge Apartments, in Rethimno Town.

This one-off hotel was once the home of a Venetian lord, as well as an olive press, soap factory, and tannery.

Parts of its multi-layered past have been preserved throughout, from its Venetian arches to antique furniture and unique works of art.

You won’t be bored for a second.

You could book it online here!



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