Milia Is Truly Magnificent

Milia Is Truly Magnificent

Milia Is Truly Magnificent

Milia is truly magnificent.

Tens of thousands of hours have gone into this so far. I spent the day walking around, decoding the landscape and it is a wonder.

All the trees! They look like they just happened, but hundreds and hundreds of them were deliberate and are being actively loved. And the grafting...someone has a deal of skill.

Truly a wonderful place. In a few more years, this will be a true paradise with trees groaning under their fruit.

Already the bees create the base tone by which the entire microcosmos calibrates life here. Layers and layers of life and sound and fragrances.

And the evening light...if there is a spirit of the mountains, it certainly lives here.

Our Guest comment.

Many thanks Diana S.S.

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